How to add wiki to facebook
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How do I add a Wikipedia tab to Facebook?

... like this page:]

I googled it and there are a ton of people asking the question but nobody answering it.
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What do you mean, exactly? I think Facebook just imported the entire contents of Wikipedia, so that when people "like" things now, there is a default page with basic info to click through to. Those pages all have Wikipedia tabs.
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Those Wikipedia tabs are available only for Community Pages and even then only when a suitable entry exists.

Wikipedia on new Facebook community pages.
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From checking Recent additions, they have only imported articles to approximately a month ago (early dates in July). So they are updating, but not immediately or directly. If there is an existing Wikipedia article, searching for the article's title (disambiguation is a problem here) gives you a result of an "Interest" with 0 people who like it. Searching for a later topic, or creating one for which a Wikipedia page exists but did not show in results, gives you a Community page without a Wikipedia tab.

But yes, it does appear to be a feature embedded in Community pages, and not available through an App for any other kind of page.
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