Want to buy Medicine Cabinet in Store not online!
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All i want to do is be able to go to a store and buy a medicine cabinet... where can i do this in the Los Angeles area? I am in Culver City and all I can find is Home Depot and they have crap!
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I was able to get a decent one at a Target (in North Carolina). It's from their Home line of furnishings; while it isn't the nicest cabinet ever, it does have a mirrored front and a latch.
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Try calling the Anawalt Hardware at 11060 W. Pico, (310) 478-0324, and asking them if they stock any. There's also the Orchard Supply Hardware at 2020 S. Bundy Drive, (310) 571-3838.
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When I was going to UCLA, I bought my medicine cabinet at the Bed Bath and Beyond at the Beverly Center. I seem to recall they even had a pickup station in the parking garage for large items.

They usually have a decent selection of tasteful small furniture. I've gotten lots of little end tables and the like at BB&B over the years.
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I really like this steel-and-glass medicine cabinet that I bought at Ikea, if the closer two (in Carson and Burbank) aren't too far from you.
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Response by poster: Yeah, Target and Bed Bath Beyond won't cut it unfortunately...they don't carry recessed cabinets...but thanks for the comments...need a larger collection...
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After the hardware stores, you might try Potterybarn and Restoration Hardware, or the local equivalent. At least I would. After that, I'd look for custom cabinet makers.
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If you're willing to come out to Burbank, I'd suggest 1) The Great Indoors and 2) Lowe's at Empire Center then as a last resort, 3) IKEA
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Oh, forgot to mention that the Burbank Lowe's has a pretty significant bath section.
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You want a plumbing supply wholesaler that also has a "city desk" i.e. sells to the public. Look up "plumbing supply" in your area. Often they will have a warehouse for raw goods such as pipe and fittings, and a storefront, or at least a showroom, for the finish items like toilets, lavs, and medicine cabinets.
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Grainger carries recessed medicine cabinets and they have a branch in Culver City. They are a generic industrial supply company that specializes in convenience rather than price, so they might be more expensive than a specialized distributer like the plumbing supply wholesalers mentioned by notsnot. However, while they have an excellent walk-up / will-call if you know the stock number of the item you want, you can't physically browse the contents of their enormous warehouses.
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What's crap about those off-shelf models? The outside or the inside? If the problem is the outside, you could try going to a glass shop and asking them if they can do a custom door to an existing cabinet. That way you get to choose the glass and the edge treatment.
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Try one of the Habitat for Humanity stores, they have all kinds of offbeat stuff.
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