Healthy places on the web?
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Any small health (eating and fitness) websites out there similar to something like Get Rich Slowly (personal stories, experiments, basic overall good knowledge and idea sharing?

I'm looking for a really great health website that incorporates food and fitness ideas and stories for regular people that aren't too extreme that they focus on one specific area. I'm thinking something similar to Get Rich Slowly but for health. Any ideas?
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Mark's Daily Apple is often recommended around these parts -- I'm not a fan of the whole Primal diet thing, but those that are really like his site.
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In my experience, both Cool Running and Zen Habits have common sense, informative, reasonable person information and tips about nutrition, exercise, fitness and healthy lifestyle.
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Well, the guys who run Get Rich Slowly also run Get Fit Slowly
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Response by poster: Haha, thanks KirTakat, I can't believe I didn't know about that. Thanks!
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Cheap Healthy Good covers at least the 'eating' part of your question. The focus is on recipes that cover all three bases, and the nutritive value of each recipe is broken down and explained. It might be a useful supplement to the sites mentioned by previous posters.
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Best answer: Via Zen Habits, here's a list of 20 fitness blogs -- I haven't had time to check them all out, but I usually like and find useful most things via Zen Habits. If nothing else, it might give you a good starting point and you can possibly link jump until you find what you like best.
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