Best way to organize bringing lots of food to an office?
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So as part of my (New) New Year's Resolution, I'm going to be doing the Men's Fitness 7% Body Fat Nutrition Plan. It's a more involved nutrition plan than I've done before, and it involves six meals a day, four of which I'll have to bring with me to the office. I'll be doing a ton of advance prep, of course, but how do my fellow office drones/fitness geeks on mefi organize and prep and store their food when they're going to the office every day and have to deal with four or five meals before going home?

A few bits of info:
*I work every week day from about 7:30-5:00, with a ~1 hour break for lunch (I'm not close enough to go home for lunch)
*I go straight to the gym every day from work
*My office has a fridge, microwave, and toaster, though space is sometimes limited
*I have a dishwasher, so getting a lot of stuff dirty isn't a huge issue
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Bento boxes. You can even color-code them.
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Tiffin boxes! Leave a microwave safe container at work.
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Wide mouth quart mason jars. For the salad type meals, you can layer the dressing, veggies and meat, like shown in this tutorial. Mason jars are dishwasher and microwave safe - just don't microwave them with the lid on! You could tote them to work in one of those soft sided coolers with a strap.
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My lunch bag is from Six Pack Fitness. I got the one that has three meal containers, but there's a bigger one. There's room for a protein powder container and shaker, utensils, supplements, drinks… it's huge. It's got gel packs, is insulated, and keeps everything cool all day long, and fits under my desk. Several people have tried to run off with it.

There's a few different styles of bags that look more like regular duffle bags or backpacks, too.
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Last year, I got myself a Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunchbox, and it has been amazing. If you prep it accordingly, it will indeed keep hot food hot, and cold food cold. The individual containers are also microwaveable safe. (I don't know about dishwasher; I don't have one.)

Comes with its own titanium spork.

They're also on sale right now!
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