can I have my iphone execute scripts?
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can I have my iphone execute scripts?

I use my iphone as my alarm clock but I'm not satisfied with the ringtones. I'd much prefer it to launch the npr app and start playing the latest newscast. that's doable with three or four clicks but I don't see a way to automatically have it do this every morning at a set time.

is there a way?

(alternatively being able to add ringtones/alarm sounds without paying itunes for it would be nice, too)
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Here's a step-by-step guide to making your own iPhone ringtone out of any iTunes-playable file. I've done it myself, and it works very well.

AFAIK, there is no way to have the iPhone launch another app automatically from the Clock app.
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An iPhone ringtone is just a 30 seconds long AAC-encoded audio file with the extension '.m4r' instead of '.m4a'. There are tools to automate this (most Mac users just use GarageBand), but once you've got just such a file you can drag and drop it into iTunes.
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Theoretically, You could jailbreak your phone and do everything in Unix scripts. You're going to find an Apple approved app for this - apps aren't even allowed to know which other apps the phone has, let alone launch one of them. So getting the npr app to start at a certain time without jailbreaking is is not going to happen...
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even if the clock app were able to play a song from my itunes library I'd be happier than now. weird, really.
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There are lots of approved apps for the iPhone that will play a track from you library as an alarm. Here's one.

It's interesting that the official NPR app doesn't allow this, but my local NPR station (KUT) has their own app with an Alarm feature, so you could use that if you're willing to put up with not-local-to-you local news. Unfortunately, this hasn't been updated for backgrounding in iOS4 yet, but it does work.
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