Titles for a health foodie blog?
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Can you help me brainstorm some great titles for a fitness blog? The focus is eating healthy for time-pressed people. Details inside.

I've taken on the pet project of developing a blog about eating healthy on the run. I've been developing potential posts and photography on the side for months. I'm a graduate student with a full time day job, a distance running habit, and a long distance boyfriend, so I know how challenging it is to eat healthy when you never feel like you have time to grocery shop, let alone pack a lunch. (Cooking and photography are also major passions of mine. I'm looking for some fulfillment that goes beyond my day job.)

I'm getting closer and closer to going live... but I am experiencing complete creative block for a blog title, which will ultimately also affect my domain name. I think the stress of knowing that I'm stuck with it once I commit is what is troubling me.

Can I tap into the collective MetaFilter brain? This blog will feature recipes (thoughtful photography to accompany them) a bit of dry humor, and most recipes will be solutions for keeping it healthy and tasty when time is limited.

Any thoughts on a blog title, no matter how silly, funny, ridiculous, serious, or banal you think they are, are quite welcome.
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Nimble Pie
posted by argonauta at 8:17 PM on November 7, 2012

I don't have a specific idea for a title but I always liked the phrase "eating in the saddle" for referring to eating on the run. It lets me pretend that my completely pedestrian suburban life is somehow epic and akin to that of a Wild West John Wayne cowboy.
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Faster food
Eat and Run
Eat on your feet
Feed your feet
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Woah, Nimble Pie is good. How about "Good to Go."

I'm curious about your blog. I need something like that.
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Good to go
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Dine and Dash
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Fleet Eats?
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Fit in a Flash?
Healthy and Hasty?
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Run of the Kitchen
Ready Steady Cook
Cooking on the Run
Run for Your Life
The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon
I Run Therefore I Cook
The Winning Ingredient
Recipe for Success/health
The Training Recipe
A Marathon Feast
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Well Fled
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Hop to Eat
Miles, to Go
Time to Eat
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Chariots of Fare - cue soundtrack!
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Best answer: The Hecticurean
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Eat fast! Without the fast food restaurants!
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Response by poster: All of these are wonderful! Thank you. Every suggestion was fabulous, but I think I'm torn between Nimble Pie and The Hecticurean.

Thanks again!
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"Custard Heart, Put The Pizza Down"
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