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Song Suggestions for a Quitting Smoking Mix

My friend quit smoking cigarettes and I'd like to make her a mix cd of songs on quitting that will help her get through the agonizing moments. Any suggestions? I have been having a hard time finding specific songs on the topic but any song about letting go would work.

Her tastes lean heavily towards guitar driven rock music, pre year 2000. She's an aging Gen-X'er like myself so she's not too familiar with these newer bands.

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It's hardly new, but I like The Ballad of El Goodo on the soundtrack of any new endeavor or journey, physical or otherwise.
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Soundgarden: Rusty Cage ("I'm gonna break this rusty cage and run")
The Rolling Stones: Slave ("Don't wanna be your slave")
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Most obvious (heck, you may have this): "Stop Smoking," Dar Williams
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I Will Survive, by Gloria Gaynor? Sure it's about getting past a breakup, but the spirit of the song might be appropriate...
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"My Last Cigarette" - Billy Walker
"Little Billy" - The Who (written by Pete Townshend for the American Cancer Society)
Any track on k.d. lang's album "Drag"
"Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette" - Tex Williams
"Cigarettes and Alcohol" - Oasis
"Another Puff" - Jerry Reed
"You Light Up my Life" - Debbie Boone
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"The Show Must Go On" by Queen.

It's amazing.
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Response by poster: Terrific suggestions! Please keep them coming.
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It doesn't fit your pre-2000 guitar-driven rock requirement, but Still Smokin' by Andrew Jackson Jihad is the best anti-smoking song ever.
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Ida Maria -- Oh My God

at least that's what I would want to listen to if I was trying to quit smoking.
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Cold Turkey.
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Cigarette by The Smithereens. It's even age-appropriate for a Gen Xer.
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The Microphones - Don't Smoke

I can't link to a recording because I'm on workplace sandbox internet.
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"Don't Smoke," by the Microphones/Mount Eerie

Beaten to the punch! But here's a link on
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Try not to use any songs that mention smoking; any reminder might trigger a relapse.
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Chain Smoking, by Dykehouse!

But better: Cigarettes by X-Ray Spex: "Why not take paper currency and light it up? A lower tar content and a quicker puff!"
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Going in a totally different direction here, but I think that Mary J. Blige's "No More Drama" is the best song in the world when you're trying to psych yourself out to stop doing something that you know is hurting you but you REALLY REALLY don't want to stop doing.
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Atom & His Package - Friend, Please Stop Smoking Cigarettes [youtube].
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The music I was most drawn to when I quit smoking was the blues. It helped to know there were other miserable people out there.

I think Bettye Lavette's version of 'Wish You Were Here' perfectly conveys the hopeless longing felt by a recovering smoker.
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Dave Van Ronk's Talking Cancer Blues (Lyrics)
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Cornel Hurd: "Seven Cups of Coffee and Fourteen Cigarettes."

If you can survive that song, you've kicked the habit.
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Try not to use any songs that mention smoking; any reminder might trigger a relapse.

This. The songs that do mention cigarettes are neat, but if you want to help your friend more than you want to be cute, do not put them in the mix. Any mention of cigarettes, any image of smoking, etc, is like kryptonite for someone attempting to quit.
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Pink Floyd's Money. Think about all the cash she's saving not buying smokes.
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I'm Free by The Who (from Tommy)
Breathe by Pink Floyd
Sugar by Les Respectables ("Givin' it up...")
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Smokers In Love by the Lucksmiths
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Braces Tower has a mix of one of those subliminal quit-smoking tapes and nice electronica. MeMail me if you want it, they're too obscure for YouTube.
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Response by poster: Try not to use any songs that mention smoking; any reminder might trigger a relapse.

I think you are absolutely right about triggers. I'll try to avoid that. Thanks.
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Listen to the ex-smokers telling you not to include songs with smoking/cigarette lyrics, at all -- even those with anti-smoking sentiments; anything that makes the quitter think of cigarettes is very bad.

I'm about two weeks away from my 6-month anniversary of quitting, and I think a mix tape with a lot of songs about smoking/not smoking would still be very, very difficult for me to deal with. It would make me want to smoke. In fact, this thread is making me want to smoke. (and perhaps your friend is perverse like I am; for some reason, anti-smoking propaganda seems to make me want to smoke harder than anything else)

I would focus on self-empowerment/overcoming/freedom/strength/success sorts of themes. I love the idea of including "I Will Survive" - the lyrics are so perfect for someone quitting!

This thread has some good ideas that might also work for your purposes: What-songs-do-you-recommend-about-survival-against-odds-or-in-the-face-of-adversity
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oops! I missed your comment about avoid triggers! Good choice. :)
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"Straight Edge" by Minor Threat

"I'm Straight" by Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers

"The Cigarette State", by Robbie Fulks (yeah, it mentions cigarettes, but it really really doesn't make you want to light one up)

...and "September Gurls" by Big Star (it has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand, but it is a violation of state, federal, and international law to make a mixtape that does not include "September Gurls")
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this might not work since it mentions smoking but, "This Island" by Le Tigre

stop smoking those cigarettes, baby
next time it's your turn to save me!

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Try not to use any songs that mention smoking; any reminder might trigger a relapse.

Good point. Most of my suggestions would likely result in mass casualties.
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Apparently Prince dedicated "Nothing Compares 2 U" to his last cigarette. Maybe not the message you want convey though.
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