Name that cartoon dog!
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Name that cartoon dog. My (relatively) new French Bulldog reminds me of some cartoon dog, and I can't for the life of me figure out which cartoon dog I'm thinking of.

Especially when I look sort of down at him and he looks particularly alienish. The cartoon dog I'm thinking of is white I think, and I remember it's ears sort of sticking straight up in parallel. As for the cartoon, the art in my mind seems very Ren and Stimpy-like. Sorry to bother the community with such a trivial ask, it's just I've been trying to think of it and/or Google the answer for 2 days now. Here is a picture of said dog.
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This probably isn't it, since the dog isn't white, but it's still one of the sweetest bulldog cartoons ever.
posted by Oriole Adams at 12:12 PM on May 24, 2010 [1 favorite]

He's not a bulldog, but are you thinking of Spunky from Rocko's Modern Life?
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Kinda reminds me of Bandit from Johnny Quest.
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the ears do remind me of Stitch, also (Greg Nog)
posted by Eicats at 12:17 PM on May 24, 2010

Danger Mouse
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure it's a dog (man I hope this isn't some false memory), and I'm pretty sure it's white. It isn't any of the ones suggested so far. It's definitely a very stylized cartoon and like I said the cartoon dog is very alien looking too. In fact, I don't think the cartoon dog I am thinking of is supposed to a be bulldog of any sort. I think it's likely something from the last 10 years if that helps.
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I guess that rules out Spike and Chester then.
posted by SillyShepherd at 12:25 PM on May 24, 2010

Do any of the dogs / cartoons listed here ring a bell?
posted by alynnk at 12:26 PM on May 24, 2010

Odie from the comic strip Garfield?
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Odie maybe? (from "Garfield") He's is a beagle though.
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Long shot, but could it be Speak, the talking capybara from The Tick?
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Response by poster: Nope, still none of the ones listed. I'm getting increasingly concerned I've invented this character in my mind. I went through the list the alynnk provided, and nothing grabbed my eye, but I will go back over it slowly. The key attributes as I think about them is :

- Ears sticking straight up off the head in parallel
- Wrinkled face and/or neck. I think it could be almost a pug or a boston terrier. A scrunched up alien appearance.
- The style of animation, and the cartoon's I've already checked are (and may give you an idea of the style) : Ren and Stimpy, Jimmy Neutron, The Mighty B, Spongebob, Courage the Dog, Rocko.
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Not a dog but mouse? Pinky and the Brain.
posted by ninebucks at 12:45 PM on May 24, 2010

Pinky and the Brain? They're not dogs.

Spuds Mackenzie? He was an English bull terrier, not a French Bulldog, but there's a resemblance.
posted by Cool Papa Bell at 12:48 PM on May 24, 2010

You're not thinking of Blinky the Dog from This Modern World, are you?
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Response by poster: Nope, not pinky and the brain.
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Response by poster: It's a moving cartoon not a comic. I think TV, but It could even be from a movie I guess. Thanks for everyone's efforts so far.
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Although your dog is smaller, when I saw him I thought of the dog from Tom and Jerry.
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What about Bolt?
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Response by poster: Nope, not Bolt.

Maybe it's not a dog. I have this vision of this sort of pear shaped wrinkled white thing that has it's ears stick straight up and they almost are blown back in the breeze like antennas. I would say that the plankton guy from sponge bob reminds me sort of the style as does Ren and Courage the cowardly dog.
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Best answer: Random stabs in the dark: Gir from Invader Zim. Blue Dog from a series of children's books.
posted by ErikaB at 3:23 PM on May 24, 2010

Completely the wrong breed but my first thought was Tin Tin's Snowy?
posted by ceri richard at 3:25 PM on May 24, 2010

Response by poster: Git from Invader Zim is kinda of close to what's in my mind's eye. I'm starting to wonder if it maybe it's a bug type of thing I am thinking of, I'm sorry, people! Thanks for all help.
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Clifford the big red dog's friend T bone??
posted by beccaj at 7:12 PM on May 24, 2010

Bill Plympton's dog?
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Response by poster: Thanks for everyone's time and ideas. I still haven't gotten it yet, though.
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