Who is the dog that said, "Yes, dear" in the cartoon?
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I'm trying to remember the name of the animated cartoon (or the dog in the cartoon) that said "Yes, dear, right away, dear." In my memory, it looked kind of like the Pepe Le Pew animations.

I would love to find some clips of the dog saying, "Yes, dear" but cannot without the name of the cartoon or the dog! It might have been from the 1950s?
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Was it maybe Blondie? Only the intro was animated though.
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Response by poster: PS: The dog was very dejected all the time.
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Response by poster: Thanks, ORthey. It wasn't Blondie... I don't remember there being any people in the cartoon. I think it was from the Bugs Bunny world, more.
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Droopy Dog?
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Also guessing Droopy Dog.. He was the elevator operator from Who Framed Roger Rabbit:
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I'm pretty sure it is Droopy the Dog. He's also famous for being the elevator controller and for saying, "I'm happy" but seeming really dejected.
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Best answer: You sure it was a dog? Because it could be this cartoon.
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I remember this cartoon, it's from the early sixty's. He is wearing glasses, a shirt collar and tie. He was white (we didn't have a color tv) with long black ears. I am racking my brains, but this may help jog someone's memory.
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Doesn't Daffy say that to Wentworth's mother?

Droopy had long ears, no collar and tie.
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Mr. Peabody!(youtube link) okay, so he has white ears and a red bowtie...
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Response by poster: Thank you, everybody! Sorry... memory is so weird. It wasn't a dog at all. As loquat intuited, it was not a dog, but a man.
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Mr. Peabody!

I thought about Mr. Peabody from the description JujuB gave earlier, but Mr. Peabody didn't have a wife that I can recall... and wasn't sad at all. He was quite self-confident, in fact.
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The "Yes, dear" is from a character on Fibber McGee and Molly: Wallace Wimple, "a hen-pecked husband constantly dominated and physically battered by 'Sweetieface,' his 'big ol' wife'." Wimple was voiced by Bill Thomson, who did the original Droopy Dog. There's a bunch of cartoons, including Disney features, where Thomson does a version of Wimple, and other pastiches like the one loquat links to.

I wish I could remember the specific one I'm thinking of!
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Droopy Dog made an appearance in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where every sentence ended with "sir" much in the same way Wallace Wimple said "dear."
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