Please help me remember a cartoon
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This has been bugging me forever. Please help me remember an eighties era cartoon.

I seem to vaguely remember a cartoon where there was a big dog that always walked around with a little dog. The little dog was always following the big dog around, was super excitable and called the big dog "boss". He was always saying stuff like "Hey boss, hey boss" or "Right boss? Right boss?" The big dog was stoic and didn't speak much and didn't pay much attention to the little dog. I seem to remember that the little dog basically worshipped the big dog and was always trying to get his attention. I remember it being a Bugs Bunny-type cartoon.

Please tell me this is not a figment of my imagination. Thanks Mefi.
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Best answer: Is it "Sylvester & Spike", a Looney Tunes toon??
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Perhaps Hokey Wolf and Ding A Ling, of Huckleberry Hound fame?
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Best answer: Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier
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Best answer: Sorry, my link should actually read Chester & Spike, with a cameo of Sylvester the cat (and an escaped panther).
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It is 2 Stupid Dogs, I am almost positive.
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Response by poster: SPIKE AND CHESTER!! Thank you so much! This has been bugging me FOREVER. I keep thinking of it because my dog and one of his best buddies are just like this and I want to show the other dog's owner. My dog is the little dog. :)
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Response by poster: 2 Stupid Dogs is also great and makes me wonder if this might just be a universal big dog/little dog stereotype. Funny!
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Also there is a satire/parody of the dogs in the Simpsons when Nelson (briefly) defends and befriends Martin - I think it's the "Lemon of Troy" epsiode.
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