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Is there a good web-based equipment hire system available, and if not, how would I go about making one?

A friend of mine runs a company that supplies and maintains a large amount of a small variety of objects for a number of repeat customers. They spend a lot of time fielding calls from a small amount of customers who request items for hire between specific dates. They've asked me to look into a web-based system that could free up their time and allow them to generate an invoice.

Intellectually, this seems like a very simple proposition to me. The customer logs in, chooses from an array of objects, chooses the delivery and pick-up date (subject to available stock) and adds it to a shopping cart. Upon checkout, it emails my friend a delivery request. They take payment seperately, not online. The customer will also have an option to log in and extend their booking.

I've looked around the available self-hosted options. The most promising I've found is from, but it seems overly complicated, and I can't make the demo do exactly what I want. I would like to avoid an externally hosted solution unless it's extraordinarily cheap.

I've also contemplated creating a custom solution. I've sketched up ways that the data would go into a database, and where it'd need to be verified. The problem is that I'm not a programmer, bar some Wordpress fumbling. I am confident with the front-end development, but I can't get my head around the various web app frameworks that I've tried (mostly Rails and Codeigniter.) Is there a route you'd recommend? Are there any particular freelance hire places that are recommended? His budget is very low, but I'd really like to help him out on this.
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You know it's just inventory, right? A standard shopping cart would work for this, especially if it's subject to available stock, ie you are not using inventory management. Just add pickup and drop off dates as required product options for every product.
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