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Best software for keeping track of room rentals at a facility owned by a non-profit?

I'm looking to computerize our records and workflow (generating invoices, etc.) around church and meeting hall rental (different rooms, different charges per room). Ideally, this would be a database program where we could:

--File notes/use history about groups by year. Record old invoice/payment info, ability to attach payment check images, applications

--check to see any outstanding invoices, or who hasn't rented in awhile and should be contacted to see if they're still interested (and generate this correspondence)

--Calculate charges/generate invoices

--Luxury items: Calendaring, usage reports for building, type of groups, etc.

I'd love a self-contained program (GiftWorks is a favorite for other uses) but I do have an early version of Microsoft Access--but no experience with it and, frankly, zero time to learn it right now. (It also has to be something that a wide range of staffers can understand/access, from the computer savvy to those more comfortable with our current, all-paper "system".)
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Perhaps Freshbooks with an add-on may be able to help with the invoicing
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