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We need a web-based photo and video storage and tagging system. Does anyone have recommendations?

I work in the IT department at a small college, and our Marketing department needs a photo and video storage and tagging system. We can definitely provide them with the hardware, in the form of a NAS in our datacenter, but the software is difficult to find.

Basically, their requirements boil down to a software package that is:
- Web-based, so that staff and consultants can access these files remotely
- Tag-based, so that, as images are added, they can get tagged as "biology" or "commencement 2008" or whatever
- Limited to authenticated users, so that the entire world doesn't steal our pictures and videos
- Able of being hosted internally, due to speed and bandwidth concerns

As IT, we need it to be secure, easy to maintain, and for the authentication piece, it really should do LDAP or Active Directory. If it's written in something common like Python, PHP, or ColdFusion, we can probably add that functionality ourselves.

So, my question to the hive mind is: Is there such a software package in existence? If so, is there an open source package, even if it's a commercial open-source package? We'd like to be able to customize it.

What does, for example,, or other stock photo websites use for this purpose? If we could buy that type of software, it would meet our needs perfectly.
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Maybe something like Gallery? Coppermine is another option. I'm sure there are plenty more options too.
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Seconding Gallery. Either that, or install XOOPS (supports LDAP, AD or it's own internal auth) and the WFDownloads module. This will give you flexibility to add any filetype, it just won't "gallery" them, although I think there are probably photo gallery modules out there for XOOPS. XOOPS is a PHP/MYSQL opensource CMS. The added benefit is that there are hundreds of bolt-on modules for it, in case you're looking for future extensibility with a view to possibly turning it into a fullbore intranet like we did.
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Best answer: I did a google search for "digital asset management open source" and was the first hit.
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Response by poster: Thanks! These all look like viable options... I'll present them to our MarComm team next week.
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