Making It Big Via Metafilter
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I'm curious which bloggers and media people have gotten their 15 Minutes (or longer) after affiliation with Metafilter. [+]
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I became curious after finding this lead editorial in yesterday's New York Sun which cites Oliver Willis (actually, his recklessness).
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not safe for LAN Managers?
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Stephen Den Beste? Although he only ever made the web edition of the WSJ opinion page, so that probably doesn't count as real media coverage.
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Shouldn't this be in the gray?
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I got lots of media attention for DFL after Matt posted it.
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Not Safe For Left-Of-Center Mindsetters--silly.
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I'm not sure it should be in the gray, since it deals, arguably, primarily, with people outside Mefi. But, of course, The Creator could always pick up the thread and let drop it down there.
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Den Beste also had a ton of military/Pentagon type people reading his site, and I think I recall reading that some of his pieces were being assigned in Army War College...

The Kaycee Nicole hoax was exposed, at least partly, via Metafilter, does that count?
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Are you asking for the member(s)’ names who may have been discovered by the media through Meta-Filter?
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My $87 billion page skyrocketed to enormous (and server crushing) success after it appeared here on Metafilter. Shortly afterward, it was mentioned on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" game show, as well as dozens of other radio programs. I was offered the chance to have the graphics reprinted in a regional news magazine, but the deal fell through for reasons I don't know. It never really translated to my 15 minutes of fame, personally, though. So I still have time left on the ticker.
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If you're talking about "fifteen minutes" in the blogworld, my site has gotten a buncha traffic each time it's been linked by highly-visible sites like MeFi, Boing Boing, or Gawker.

And something I said in a thread once got quoted in the Online Journalism Review, but that's about it.
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Well, it's worked out pretty well for Matt, you know....even the cover of Brill's Content!
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My site was mentioned on metafilter... (not by me, by the way.) I ended up doing a quick interview Minnesota Public Radio, briefly mentioned in an article on, and a little blurb in Federal Computer Weekly.

Now if that isn't the big time, I dunno what is... but I'd say my 15 minutes are just about up.
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Den Beste also had a ton of military/Pentagon type people reading his site

It was the, er, encouragement he got from the Metafilter community that led to him starting the site in the first place.
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I got interviewed for the New York Times about Mixed CDs because of a mention in metafilter.
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Wired chatted to a few mefiosos after the referer spam thread '02... Does that count? :)
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Within eight hours of being posted on the Blue, I got a call from the Canadian Press about Gmail Swap. They had seen the site on Metafilter. And after that, every major news outlet followed.
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