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Atlantic city site seeing

Heading to atlantic city with some friends (where we definitely have a place to stay that's not a casino.)

My friends - well, they're vegetarian (or mostly, just fish) and from a place in PA that is a backwater (both are fairly cultured.)

I want to go to somewhere with good (ethnic a bonus) food on Sat night.
Sun morning is a drive south to some part of the jersey shore. Suggest areas to see?
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Best answer: The spacing? It's my fault. (I've used my one question this week)
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Response by poster: I take full responsibility for my spacing. If I could do it over I'd spread it out even more. Btw, please limit your responses in askme to answers.
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I'm afraid I can't help with the first part of your question; however, for Sunday, you should consider visiting Cape May. It's gorgeous, and it's only about 40 minutes south of AC. This site should help you find things to do if you make the trip down. Here's another site that covers local events/tours/etc, not all of which are quite as far south as Cape May.
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Oh, here's one more resource that might help you with AC restaurants. There are definitely a few ethnic places listed, though I can't personally recommend any of them.
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Best answer: the Tropicana has a new section with (supposedly) great restaurants--a soul food place, and cuban, too.

Most of the city is pretty skanky tho--i hope you're staying close to the Boardwalk.

There's a new outlet strip too, if you shop.
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Too bad the diving horse is no longer on Steel Pier. Lucy the Elephant is in Margate, which is just south of AC. I second the recommendation for Cape May. Victorian houses, lighthouse, WWII gun emplacements along the beach. For something a little different you could take the Cape May - Lewes Ferry, which crosses Delaware Bay and goes to Lewes, DE. You may see dolphins as you cross Delaware Bay.

We call AC 'Camden By The Sea' and I would agree with amberglow - exercise some caution.
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Lucy the Elephant in Margate is both urgent and key.
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Response by poster: Thanks to you all. Hope it went alright filmgeek, skank-wise.
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