putting line breaks in long URLs. Make it stop!
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Mac OS X putting annoying line breaks into long URLs. [more inside]

If I use Apple Mail to send a message with a long line, Mail seems to wrap the line automatically with no indication while composing that this will occur.

This is a big problem for URLs, because they get chopped into two lines (with a space at the end of the first line) which causes problems on at least some clients (Eudora and Outlook on Windows, as well as web based gmail from what I see)

Any tricks for getting around this? I don't see it between two Macs, so I imagine it could possibly be a setting on the sender or receiver's side that could fix this.
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Either use a URL shortening service or, if the recipient has an HTML email client, make a graphic from the link, and embed the graphic into the email with a link to the page.
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Some mail clients will treat urls contained in greater than/less than brackets as a single clickable address. I haven't tried it when sending from Mail, and I think it depends more on the recipients client anyway, but you could try that to see if it resolves it for you. It will probably still wrap, but it would be clickable.
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Sorry, I guess that would actually be less than/greater than in case there's any confusion about that. so that would be something like <big long address here>
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