Donating a Mac
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I have an old-ish Mac (Dual G4/500) I'd like to donate to a worthy cause. What's my best bet for doing so, and making sure that it's a valid 501(c)3 company who can provide a receipt? Also, how do I determine its worth as a contribution? I'm in NYC, and I don't want to be bothered contacting individual places- is there a central bulletin board for this kind of thing?
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making sure that it's a valid 501(c)3 company who can provide a receipt? (the italics command is not working).
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If you sold it (to me), how much would you want for it?
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I can't help with non-profits in NYC, but one way to get an idea of fair market value of something is to visit a popular auctioning service and search for your item.
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(I consult with a nonprofit in Minneapolis that would probably love to have this donation. Will contact you directly.)

I recently donated a similar machine to this same organization -- I estimated its value by looking at used boxes with similar specs at PowerMax.
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In NYC, when I had to get rid of my old macs I hit ebay for market value, and then craigslisted them. Some non-profit types seemed to be checking it frequently for tech goods they could aquire. By posting to craigslist, you do run the risk of outright selling it, of course. Obviously from the responses above you'll do fine with a machine like that, it took awhile for the G3 to go, and the SE/30 never did.
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FWIW, I'm looking for a slightly newish-G4...
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I'd be interested in buying it as well. How much are you asking?
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FWIW I have a dual 450 G4 with 896 MB RAM and a Mac Edition Radeon 7000 32MB PCI card (and a bluetooth dongle, and a couple 30/40 gig hard drives) and I will almost definitely be looking to sell it after I get a PowerBook this summer. So, I dunno, write yourselves a stickie or something, or let me know and I'll put your name on a stickie myself.
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