What is the most comfortable pillow in the world?
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What is the best most comfortable pillow in the world?

I can't sleep because I have an uncomfortable pillow.

Well, okay, actually I can't sleep because I am a workaholic, have a complicated, stressful job and suffer from a tedious nature... but also I have an uncomfortable pillow. I can remedy one of these problems.

What's the best, most comfortable pillow in world, and where can one obtain it (in Toronto)? Money is no object. I will literally sell my soul.
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In my experience, the most comfy pillows are the ones stuffed with actual goose down.
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I got two Royal Velvet down pillows and love them. Love them. I bought them on Amazon.
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By the way you should also consider a nice comforter, high thread count sheets (400+), and a pillowtop mattress pad. You spend a large percentage of your life sleeping, so might as well enjoy it.
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By the way you should also consider a nice comforter, high thread count sheets (400+), and a pillowtop mattress pad. You spend a large percentage of your life sleeping, so might as well enjoy it.

Because of these and my goose down pillows, I refer to my bed as my cloud. It's heavenly.
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It's likely this is not what you're looking for, because you didn't specifically mention the need for a cool pillow, but the Chillow completely changed my life. It's not that it's supremely comfortable, exactly, but having a pillow that stays cool is heavenly and I sleep infinitely better since buying mine.
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I like the ones made from memory foam.
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I really like MyPillow.
(why doesn't the link show up? it is www.mypillowshop.com)

It was recommended by my amazing chiropractor/physical therapist. I looked into it - the full size one was about $65, more than I wanted to spend, but they have a travel version for $25, and I really like the way it supports my neck just enough, and is very adjustable.
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Goose down is fantastic, but this all depends on your personal preferences. I hate goose down pillows because they get all smooshy and I feel like my head is in a hole and I have to wrap them into little balls to get any kind of neck support. Do you prefer firmer pillows that hold their shape? Because if so, synthetic might be the way to go.

Regardless, I really have to second what stoneweaver said- if money is no object, I almost think you're better off finding a decent $30 or so pillow and replacing it every two months. New pillows are heavenly.
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Nordstrom sells the Westin Heavenly Bed Pillow. It is truly life-changing.

Feather & down but without the obnoxious give and lack of support you normally get with a full on down pillow, even over a year later for me. It is absolutely amazing and I love it. And I've bought three for people as gifts, and they all love them. If you want, you can try one out at a nearby Westin hotel, but that'll cost more than the pillow, and just make you crave the Heavenly Bed itself.
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This one from Brookstone has been my favorite for many years.
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This definitely depends on your personal sleep habits. I am a stomach-sleeper and so any thick pillow is horrible for me. Back sleepers generally do better with thicker pillows, and side-sleepers fall somewhere in between.

I need either squishy or thin, and since I practically have my nose in the pillow I tend to sleep right at the edge of the pillow, and goose down makes me sniffly. Also they tend to feel hard the way I sleep on them.

I like foam pillows or relatively lightly-filled polyfill pillows. That you throw away instead of wash, or you end up with the lumpiest horrible thing in the universe.
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For all your bedding needs, I always link to The Company Store. I was introduced to them by my best friend years ago and I can't say enough good things about them. Their bedding is all fabulous, but the best things they make are the pillows. This is a pillow that is so comfortable that, before I had my own, I would deliberately steal, from the bed of a friend with whom I didn't even live! This is a pillow that is both flexible and supportive. This is a pillow that has lasted me over four years, when the normal lifespan of a pillow is what, six months before it goes downhill? I went from needing anywhere from three to six pillows to suddenly only using one. I can't say enough amazing things about the double down pillow. They have a wide selection though, with tons of options to fit your every sleeping whim. Yes, it's worth the price. No, they aren't paying me to shill for them.
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The most comfortable pillow in the world is mine, and you're not having it. I've had it for years. It's a disgusting old thing, it probably has god-knows-what living in it and it's so not white any more that it's ashamed for you to see it without its slip on. But every night I turn over and bash it into shape between my head and shoulder and sleep deeply and well. Most times I try to sleep on something else, I will wake up with a sore neck.

I think it's got polyfill in it, because anything else would have rotted clear away by now.
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I have been using a buckwheat pillow for years. I love it because it's firm, thin and cool. And I hate big smooshy pillows.

This is kinda chatfilter... everyone's personal preferences will vary widely.
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A few months ago I switched to one of those V-shaped pillows. I sleep on my side and so use it at a right angle, with one end supporting my head and neck and the other against my back. It's fantastic.

Also, as others have said, a pillow-top mattress is great. If you can't afford a new mattress, just buy a big, thick, fluffy comforter and a mattress cover and make your own pillow top.
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I love Pacific Coast down pillows. They have a variety of firmnesses - I have both a medium and a firm - and they offer plenty of support. You can often find good coupons online, and they also often carry them at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have a 30 day guarantee and 5 year warranty.

I recommend using a pillow slip between your pillow case and pillow, especially if your pillows are expensive, as it keeps wear and tear to a minimum.
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My Tempurpedic ergonomic pillow. I had cheap-o one but it lasted only a few months; this one has been worth all the money.
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I enjoy our buckwheat pillow, whenever I can wrest it away from my partner. (I ask nicely.) It's cool to the touch, and despite being sort of hard-feeling at first (you don't necessarily nestle down in it so much as shape it with your hands) it's wonderful to hold and hold up your head. I tend to sleep with my arm under the pillow, and it prevents me from having a cramp in my shoulder or letting my arm fall asleep.
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Foam is what I use -- not memory foam, natural latex. Never had any luck w/ down or polyfill, they always get too squishy and too lumpy too quickly.
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Human arm!
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I want to second Judy's suggestion for MyPillow. I love MyPillow - I find it the pillow(s) the most comfortable: great support, cool, and adjustable. And - you can't go wrong - there is a 60-day unconditional guarantee. Plus, for the responder who mentions that pillows go flat in months: MyPillow is guaranteed to not go flat for 10 years.

Full disclosure: I work wit the company. BUT - I work with MyPillow because they have a great product!
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