loo-FA! loo-FA! loo-FA!
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Where's the "use the loofa!" video?

Several months ago, a commercial went viral on Youtube. It had a woman going into the bathroom to shower, only to find it populated with salacious bubbles who oggled her relentlessly. At one point, one says "Use the loofa!", and the rest start chanting "loo-FA! loo-FA! loo-FA!" It was something about how a lot of cleaning products leave behind toxic residue.

Googling "use the loofa" brings up a lot of links to the original video, which is now marked "private" on youtube (here's one with a screencap). Anyone know where another copy is hosted? I keep trying to find it to show to people, and can't.
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Damn, that's creepy.
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Awesome, that's it. Thanks.
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Yes, that is hilariously creepy.

The URL from the end of the video http://www.peopleagainstdirty.com/ is a simple site that gives you links to some bills in the U.S. Congress about labeling requirements for cleaning products (S. 1697 sponsored by Al Franken and H.R. 3057 sponsored by Rep Steve Israel of NY, collectively titled "Household Product Labeling Act of 2009") and forms to contact your own congresscritters on the issues. No link to the video itself oddly, but the graphics in the background are of the same little bubble guys.
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Oh, and there does seem to be a company called "method" that's selling laundry products attached too, if you dig deeper into that site.
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Method got into trouble with this ad so they pulled it and apologized. Many women found the ad to be inappropriate and creepy.
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Many women found the ad to be inappropriate and creepy.

Yes, being reminded of Bill O'Reilly's sexual fantasies has got to be a breach of advertising standards.
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