generating music using a big mac
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looking for a clue on a circuit bendier/musician how uses big macs to make music. possibly relates to this video hack.
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Response by poster: maybe i should clarify, I'm actually looking for the meaty variant. not a Macintosh.
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Most likely they're using the resistance of the patty/burger as a variable. Circuit bending works by connecting various parts of a circuit randomly to generate unintended sounds -- if a burger's connected in the circuit, then it probably affects the input signal, and if the burger's resistance changes (read: a bite is taken out of the burger) the output signal changes. Hence, its usage as a musical instrument.
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Response by poster: thanks sd for expanding the idea.
i'm preaty sure there's someone how used this technique, it wasnt on the cover of rolling stone but its out there.
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people do this all the time, potatoes, skin, tongues, fingers, etc. the way we all figured out how to circuit bend our speak & spells in the first place was just by using our hands and touching different points on the circuitboard. the steak has salty water (blood) in it so it's conductive, passing the component signal (of which he's only using one color) through. as it heats up the water evaporates and the signal can't pass through.

or you could just read the blog post you linked to.
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