What is the best sports bra for a woman with larger breasts?
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What is the best sports bra for a woman with larger breasts?

My breasts are DD/F sized. I have recently started the Couch to 5K plan & I am doing very well however, the pain & discomfort from my breasts when jogging is really getting me down & hindering my progress. I've tried numerous sports bras ranging from inexpensive to high-end but they are all horrible. Most of them resemble a mid-evil torture device. A few of them have about 30 hook & eye snaps & press my breasts as flat as possible against my body. It's like jogging wearing a corset. As you can imagine, this sucks. Is there a comfortable, yet supportive, sports bra for us larger busted women?
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I've had great luck with the frog bra. It really smooshes without having a lot of contraptions.
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If you find one, let us know. I'm at 38I and most manufacturers don't make regular bras for that size, let alone sports bras.
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I have been pretty happy with a Champion Jogbra that I think is the same as this one at Title Nine. (Looking at the OneHanesPlace website, it might be this one, but mine looks more like the one on the Title Nine website even though that one isn't listed as Champion.) I am typically a 30G and I wear the 32/34 D/DD. With a spandex exercise tank over it, I feel pretty well-supported, without impinging on my ability to breathe.
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When you're talking corset-style, do you mean the Enell? 'Cause wow, I started at 38DDD and the Enell was a lifesaver for me. It still is, but in a slightly smaller size. On that website they have a fitting chart, a fitting video, and they also do custom work.

And for the bras you find too restricting -- have you also tried using them for a while, to get used to them? I did find the Enell restrictive at first, but now I will happily wear it for exercising and then for hours afterwards, if need be, without any discomfort. Plus I like that it actually makes me stand a bit straighter.
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I've been awfully comfortable with the Royce Impact Free.

I don't know how well it'll work with jogging, since I don't jog, but I'm 40J and it works like a dream.
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Larger-breasted friends of mine swear by the Title Nine catalog the pluckemin mentioned. They go up to DDD and rate the bras by the amount of "hold" they give, and tend to give pretty good descriptions of how they smush you.
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it's almost like a broken record - but title nine, title nine, title nine.

i usually recommend the frog bra when this question comes up - but if you're not pleased with the super smoosh, this is not the bra for you. the bra originally came to my attention because FtM crossdressers would use it for compression.
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According to Ms. Vegetable (36DDD), who has tried LOTS of bras and sports bras, the best and most comfortable running bra she can find is:

The Powerbra

My boobs don't move! It is kind of tricky to get on and off, but it is WELL worth it. Also available without underwire, which other large-breasted women in Ms. Vegetable's family swear by:

The Wire Free Powerbra

And they're on sale for $25 right now (not sure how long that lasts, though). And you should be able to finagle free shipping if you make an account or call them and ask for it. I've tried a LOT of various sports bras, different makes, different sizes, different styles, ones that swear to be maximum support, whatever. This is the best I've found. Oh, and no uniboob, which one sister hates. And minimum smoosh.
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I love freya, and they make sports bras for sizes up to H.
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Oh, and I've tried the one recommended by pluckemin, but it stopped holding me up pretty quickly - leading to massively shortening the straps and really sore shoulders. The Powerbra hasn't done that - the support is in the band, like a regular bra, where it should be.
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Oh, I also forgot - I have bought a sports bra from Shock Absorber. UK based company but they ship to the US. I run with mine and there's no movement at all! It's perfect. They go up to cup size G.
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I have a Goddess sports bra that definitely looks torture-esque but works great on my 34Js, although I don't see the particular model on the site. I also have what I believe is this one which is more comfortable but not as supportive - great for lower-impact stuff, but I try not to run much in it.

I hate hate HATE bra shopping, but I've found giving in and going to a proper specialty store and getting fitted makes a huge difference. No pun intended.
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I can recommend the Hallelujah at Title Nine for non-smooshing support and comfort. It's good for working out and completely tolerable for everyday wear.
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My favorite solution is to wear a basic cotton sports bra over one of my regular supportive underwire bras. I know this bothers some women, but has worked better for me than any of the expensive sports bras I've tried.
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Second the Enell. I have recommended it to my bosomy friends and we all love it.
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Maia by Moving Comfort says my well-endowed wife.
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My girlfriend thirds Title Nine....
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34-36DDD here and I looooove the 3-Reasons bra at Title 9 (I guess I have the 36DD size). It's a uniboob-maker, but not hurtfully. I am relatively sensitive to being squished, but this bra is so comfy. I would wear it to work if I could. Only 3 hooks and the straps are adjustable with very strong velcro.

Here is their list of "high-impact" sports bras, if you want something less squishy.

If you are near a Title 9, I strongly recommend going in and trying on whatever they have. I have only ever been to the Seattle store, but the staff was super helpful.

Good luck with the couch to 5k!
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36GG here -- I like the Enell. Gives you a uniboob, but they really don't move even when you're running and jumping around. I've used the Shock Absorber too, and it's all right, but you still get some movement there.
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+1 for Title Nine. Best if you can go try the bras on in a store, but their return policy is very generous if you order online/by mail. I've tried a few different bras from their wide selection, and the LW is by far my favorite. Adjustable straps and padded underwire made all the difference for me. Good luck with your training!
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Seconding (or whatevering) the Frog Bra from Title Nine. Worth every penny.
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I also have the Shock Absorber bra and it is fantastic - I'm a 36G.
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I have an Anita Sports Bra at 32G. It's gives you a horrible uniboob but it holds everything at place.

Either way, I think you should get a bra from a real bra company, not a sports company. Especially a bra company which focuses on big sizes. Most sports companies don't really get what women with big boobs need.
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My recommendation is for Athena by Moving Comfort. Seems like they're on sale, so not sure if Moving Comfort is discontinuing that style, by try whatever styles Moving Comfort makes to see if any are comfortable. I'm larger than 36DD, and these work for me playing soccer several times per week.
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I hate the enell, it is indeedy corset. Freya active is excellent and comes in a lovely bright red. Although watch out for the flange bit, buy it so can go on second hook or it might dig a hole in your back. Shock Absorber is my second favourite (34E here but 36DD in Freya active).
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