The girls miss their lacy summer home!
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Please help me find my beloved lacy black sports-style bras!

My summer bras of choice have traditionally been various makers' all-stretch-lace sports bras, which were comfortable (no underwires, hooks or bitey straps, yay!), could wrangle a C/D cup size, and looked acceptable peeking out of a tank top armhole. Sadly, however, they all seem to have gone extinct! The closest thing I can find now is this bra, which is apparently no longer produced.

Does anyone know where to find something similar? It doesn't need to be super-supportive, just pretty and comfortable. Bonus points if it comes in black!

(Also: This thread was close, but alas, no cigar.)
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not lacy - but -

lily of france
danskin (sold at walmart, for ease and cheapness)
shock absorber and more shock absorber
donna karan
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Hah I have a couple of those Chantilly Lace bras myself, in black even. Have you tried looking at either Title Nine or Athleta? Both have a pretty large selection of sports bra, and a few even have black lace.
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Response by poster: Yes, I tried both Title Nine -- which I love -- and Athleta, but no dice. But thanks!

To clarify, I'm not looking for athletic bras specifically (I wear the Moving Comfort "Fiona" for running)... just lacy, comfy, and not too flimsy.
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These may not exactly be what you're looking for, but I think the term you want to search under is lace leisure bra, not sports.
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Something like this? (link won't go to black, but it's there.)

Bralet or bralette as a keyword may help you. What was the brand and style you can't find anymore?
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Carushka sometimes carries stretch lace sports bras, but alas, not currently. They do have some sheer ones that I personally think would look better under a tank top than having a lace sports bra show.
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What about this bralette? Not sure if it's supportive enough, but otherwise seems to fit the bill.
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The problem with most bralettes seems to be that they don't make them big enough. Most of them only go as large as B/C. No hope for the C/D ladies.

This one
looks particularly pretty, but I can't find a size chart for OnGossamer to save my life. It comes in large in black, so maybe it could work? And at $18 I'd be willing to give it a shot.
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Another option is Decent Exposures

They make bras in a variety of fabrics, with varying levels of support, and no nasty underwires. No lacy ones, as far as I know.

The company was started many years ago by an old friend of mine who couldn't find anything comfortable. Her sister now runs it.
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