Cheap event insurance?
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Where can I find really REALLY cheap event insurance for a theatrical production in California?

So, I'm involved with a fairly small-scale musical revue - cast of 4, running for 4 nights, expecting about 200 people a night - and I've somehow been put in charge of finding event insurance. I know absolutely nothing about event insurance other than it exists, but I do know that our budget is running pretty low at this point, and I need to find the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel option. With the first company that we tried going through, our rate skyrocketed as soon as we added the additional insureds (is that even the correct terminology?) that the venue required. Are there companies with which that won't be the case? You've got to help me, Metafilter! I'm at my wit's end.
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Ask the venue for ideas on who people have used in the past. Also perhaps you can team up with another local theatre group such that your production is is in association with their organization and you can be under their insurance. Other local groups may have suggestions for you as well.
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When we needed event insurance, our fiscal sponsor suggested we use either
Theater BayArea or (Link to the info from Intersection for the Arts).I don't know if TBA only does Bay Area productions or if you're outside the Bay Area, but that might be good.I think we used EventInsure and it was cheap and easy.
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