The World of Wordpress Plugins
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blogvirginfilter: I am a proud proprietor of a brand new blog and I just discovered the world of Wordpress plugins and need some serious help and explanations.

1. Can I add as many plugins as I want? will this have any repercussions on the speed with which my site will load, or any other consequences?

2. I uploaded the Feedburner_feedsmith plugin from Google but a message appeared that it doesn't have a heading and, consequently, it does not appear in the plugin list, but when I try to upload it again, it says that it's already there. What to do?

3. What's the deal with the Cache? I uploaded WP Super Cache but have absolutely no idea what the settings are about. I am afraid to change anything so that I do not screw the entire blog up. Any advice on what the settings should be?

4. Should I be using WP Stats or Google Analytics or Sitemeter... and why?

5. Finally, is there a plugin that allows you to make buttons, as in: press here button which takes you to a specific url?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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I can't answer these questions, but:

press here button which takes you to a specific url?

Don't do this. Hidden URLs are the worst. The user can't hover over them to see what they are, can't cut and paste them, can't open them the way they want (new tab, new window, same tab/window, etc).
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Best answer: 1] Yes, in theory. Think of it like a shopping bag - the more you add, the heavier it gets. You can only carry so much shopping, so pick only things that are necessary.

2] Delete it via FTP then reupload it.

3] I have no idea. My host already has features similar to these implemented.

4] They all give you pretty much the same data. It will interest you for a while, and then you'll get bored with it. You don't need too much granularity.

5] Not that I know of. Is there some reason you can't use an image?
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Best answer: 1. As mentioned above, the more plugins you have the slower your site will load. Also, not every plugin gets updated. Some plugin makers abandon their projects. If WordPress gets updated (happens often) and the plugin can't handle the new version and is not being updated any more, you are faced with a difficult decision:
a) don't upgrade WordPress to keep your plugin functionality
b) update WordPress and lose the plugin functionality.
Never a pleasant decision. The more plugins you add, the greater the chances of this happening. Try to keep plugins to a minimum and stick with well-supported, popular plugins. When considering a plugin, be sure to read the plugin comments/discussion, too. If the issues mentioned are not being addressed quickly by the author, there is a good chance that it is (or soon will be) abandoned.

2. Solomon's advice was spot on.

3. If it's a new blog, you really shouldn't need WP Super Cache. I'd wait. You can always add it later when traffic picks up.

4. Google Analytics is the best bet. Well supported, many plugins, robust reporting features and you can set it up to measure clicks on outgoing links as well.

5. I don't understand what you mean. If you are talking about hidden URLs, then listen to DU. Nobody likes hidden links. If you planned on using one of those hidden link scripts to measure outgoing clicks, I think you'd be better off using normal links and letting Google Analytics do its magic.
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Response by poster: thanks for your answers. regarding point 2, sorry for my ignorance, but how does one delete something through FTP? regarding point 5, i wanted a button to direct people to a different page on my blog - no hidden links or surprises - just looking for an aesthetically prettier alternative to a simple text link. i guess Solomon answers this - I can use an image with an url.
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Best answer: Regarding FTP, I use the Firefox Fire FTP Plug-In. It's a great visual way to see what you have on your site as far as directories and files.
I've installed a few WP Plug Ins via the new method (via the Dashboard), but prefer FTP as I can see what I've installed visually.

After connecting to your site via FTP, to delete a plug in, go to "wp-content" folder, then "Plug Ins" folder, then look for the folder that should say something like "Google Analytics". Right click and then click on Delete. While you're in that folder, upload the plug in again.

You are going to LOVE Wordpress.
I use it for my blog, and it's a winnah-winnah-chicken dinnah.

Hope this helps!
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Gah! Slight correction: Look for the folder or file called "Feedburner" and delete that. I gots my google stuff mixed up.
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I can use an image with an url

You could always use an image of a button. And I think it's possible, using CSS or javascript, to make the button picture change to that of a depressed button on mouseover. I have no idea how, though.
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