Wanted: An Adsense plugin for Wordpress that works
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Looking for a wordpress adsense plugin that actually works. What is the hivemind using?

So far I've tried Adsense, Adsense Manager and Adsense Injection with poor or unpredictable results. It's driving me mad I say, MAD!

(Any other rev generating plugin recommendations would be welcome as well.)
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What exactly does "poor results" mean? Either the ads show up or they don't. The rest is all handled by google (deciding what ads to put up based on the content of your blog)...

Is it that you're not getting as much revenue as you'd like? No plugin is going to help with that. Only having content on your blog that generates both traffic and high-paying ads will do that.
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Response by poster: Good point. No, the plugins don't work at all. They won't render on the page properly. But maybe the adsense ads aren't appearing on the page because Google can't find ads of contextual relevance.
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This doesn't sound like it's the plugin's fault. With the ads active, view the HTML of one of your pages and make sure the adsense snippet is being inserted properly (with the correct google_ad_channel value). You can also try manually inserting the code into your theme (copy and paste it directly from adsense).

If you're seeing blank areas where the ads should be, it means that the adsense code is at least getting called. You'll see blank areas a lot on brand new pages, or on a site that adsense doesn't know much about yet.
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What is it that you want the plugin to do?

(I ask, because I just plunked the HTML google told me to into the body of a sidebar widget, and called it a day.)
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