Favourite Wordpress plugins?
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What are your favourite Wordpress plugins?

I'm overwhelmed by the selection of plugins available. Which ones would you unabashedly recommend?
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Best answer: I'm a minimalist in all aspects, so I try to keep as few plugins on my site as possible. Some I use to get the site to work the way I want it, and some are just for fun. These are the ones I have:

exec-php — allows you to run php in posts and Pages, which I use for link lists on Pages instead of in the sidebar

sideblog — allows a second mini blog with posts from a certain category

random words — you create a list of random words, comments, whatever, and then insert the list wherever you want in your template. I use this for a random tagline

Custom query string — allows you to set how many posts appear on the front page for a variety of queries. For example, you can display 10 posts on the first page for one category and 1 post on the first page for another

search pages — extends the search function so it searched text in the Pages as well as posts

Akismet — spam catcher

I also have adhesive (which allows you to mark a post so it is always the first on the page) and wordpress database backup, both of which I leave deactivated until I actually need them
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Spam Karma!
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Best answer: Mine:
WP-Addquicktag - Adds simple quicktag functionality for anything, I use it for custom CSS classes
WP-Cache - saves on server load by serving up static pages
Ultimate Tag Warrior - Great name, also does tags
WP-ContactForm - Add a simple contact form to your site
Sociable - Adds a series of icons to facilitate easy social bookmarking [shameless self link]

That should get you started. Favourite plugins vary depending on the nature of your site, traffic, and bandwidth.
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A rather minimal list for me...

speed: wp-cache
antispam: akismet (replaced SK2 for me)
db mangling: WP-DBManager
meta: My Tags
SEO: Google Sitemaps Generator
HTML: WP-Unformatted
other: Execution of All Things
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I think with the latest release of WP (v 2.0.1) WP-cache and Akismet are included with the stock install. So is WP database backup
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ChenPress is some good stuff.
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Best answer: Wordpress Flash Audio Player plugin
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Best answer: LiveCalendar.

And I second the vote for Markdown .
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The latest version of wordpress only uses a bit of caching, WP-cache is still needed.
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Best answer: I have miniblog to make small entries in the sidebar that don't need their own big post. It was something I was actually looking for at the time, and this plugin did exactly what I wanted.
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I highly recommend Enclosure Flex if you're interested in podcasting/video-podcasting
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Spam Karma!

And for curiosity, wp-shortstat.
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