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I'm sick of trying to group the posts on my WordPress blog by category. What plugin do I need to use tags instead?

I've seen WordPress blogs with Technorati tags, but after some Googling there seem to be a ton of plugins to accomplish that. Which do I want? Is that even the right approach, since Technorati has been the suck lately?

I'd settle for something that'd let me create categories on the fly with each entry, since that's essentially the same thing. Bonus points if there's a way to create a tag cloud, a la Flickr/del.icio.us/Ask MeFi.
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I use a widget called, um, tags [read all the way to the end of the comments to make sure you're doing the install/patch properly]. It sort of works. It lets me add tags with my entries, they become clickable links in my posts, the tags themselves are picked up by the RSS/blog searchmachines [which do suck lately, I agree] which helps with findability. I have custom templates in my blog so I could never get the "show all tags" feature to quite look right, but I'm willing to believe it's me, not the plug-in. I'm not in love with this as a solution, but it works well and regularly so unless I see one that is equally easy to implement, I'll probably stick with it.

Here are a few self-linky examples:
- recent post, showing tags.
- listing by tag example
- combined tag listing
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You might want to try asking on the WordPress SupportForums--and I don't mean this as a snarky response. They actually have a tag cloud there, so one of their admins must know how to do it.
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Best answer: After a couple more hours of poking around, I've installed Ultimate Tag Warrior on my site, and it's exactly what I wanted. Now to go through and tag everything!
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your Ultimate tag warrior link is non functional
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fixed it!
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Response by poster: Whoops! Thanks, jessamyn.

self links: Here's my tag cloud, a listing by tag, and a conjunction tag listing. Cool stuff.
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I use the same plugin as jessamyn and recommend it. I even hacked it so that you could browse tags by category (e.g. blog/tags/notes/, projects/tags/perl/).

Looking at the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, I simply see to much bloat - I like my stuff lean and simple. But if it works for you, then by all means go for it.
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The cat2tag plugin will let you create categories on the fly.
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