Finding an Accountant in Chicago
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Responsible Adult Filter: In the last year I've bought a condo, gotten engaged, and received a small inheritance. While I've used TurboTax to file in the past, I think I'm in a little over my head now. Does anyone know a trustworthy, reasonably priced accountant in Chicago who is still accepting new clients?
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Yes....mefi me and I'll give you his contact info. Brilliant.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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I know this doesn't answer the question, but you may want to reconsider whether or not you are really in over your head. Going to an accountant in your situation will just cost you a few hundred dollars or so for something you can easily do yourself, probably with a free version of TurboTax. It would be simple to do and would literally take under 30 minutes. You will also be able to efile an get any refund due to you right away, while you would likely have to wait a while to do so if you go to an accountant.

Neither getting engaged nor receiving an inheritance has any tax consequences at all (for you - there may have been estate tax paid on the inheritance by the estate if the total estate was very large). Everything else will be exceedingly simple, and TurboTax will easily walk you through it.
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If the OP bought a condo in 2009 and is eligible to do something as simple as deduct points & interest, the free version of TurboTax will not be able to do that.
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Fair enough, it might cost $30 or so to get the first version that will do that.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I'm mostly concerned with 1) deducting interest (I paid no points) and 2) Getting my new homebuyer tax credit
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