What's the name of what I have ?
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I have an infection in my left testicle. The doctor told me the name of said infection, but not I can't remember it. Do you know the name? NOT AN STD.

Backstory: Had discomfort in left testicle for a week, and a slight burning when I pee or ejaculate. Went to doctor about it, described symptoms. Doctor poked and prodded and said it sounded like I had... starts with an "A" and is a medical term that describes an infection in the testes when the tubes connecting the testes to the uretha get infected, for no particular reason, likened it to a female urinary tract infection. He proscribed 3 weeks of bactrim to clear up the infection.

What is the name of this infection? It had almost a sing song quality to it, were there syllables seemed to bounced with inflection. Was a typically obtuse sounding medical term. I can't recall the name for the life of me!

The doctor's office is closed and they usually take a day to get back to me if I call them with questions, so I'm hoping someone here would know.

Summing it up: Starts with "A", refers to an infection in the male testes in the tubes leading from them to the urethra. Not harmful or dangerous, just sometimes happens in men. Anyone?
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Best answer: Doesn't begin with an A, but is it epididymitis?
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Best answer: Is it Epididymitis?
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Was just coming on here to say what Madamine and MaryDellamorte said. So that's three votes for epididymitis.
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Did it clear up?
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> refers to an infection in the male testes in the tubes leading from them to the urethra

Not to be too picky, but epididymitis refers to an inflammation of said parts which may indeed be caused by an infection but can also arise from non infectious sources. Chronic epididymitis is usually characterised by inflammation where no corresponding infection is present.
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A fairly recent AskMe on that topic.
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