You're an Idiot, Dent.
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I'm trying to find this passage from The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where there's this person who's so fed up with everything in the universe, that he travels the entire cosmos, telling each and every one of its inhabitants that he, or she, or it - is an idiot. The passage describes how he met Arthur Dent. Thank you.
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Best answer: Here's part of it.
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I believe it is from the second, maybe third book- the one where Arthur has gone back in time and is living on prehistoric Earth in a cave. I think it's the third, actually.
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It's from Chapter 1 of Life, the Universe, and Everything. In fact, that particular story opens the book.
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Looks like someone took the time to transcribe the meeting scene here. (Pity they didn't choose a color scheme that's easier on the eyes...)
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"Wowbagger The Infinitely Prolonged was - indeed, is- one of the Universe's ver small number of immortal beings.

"Most of those who are born immortal instinctively know how to cope with it, but Wowbagger was not one of them...."
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.

I found this Twitter account (unfortunately, Hebrew only) that took upon itself to be the Wowbagger of the local Twittersphere.

Finally I came up with this:

Won't follow it, though. Never follow a Wowbagger.
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A man can dream, can't he?
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A friend of mine went as Wowbagger for Halloween one year. Insulted everyone at the party in alphabetical order, it was brilliant.
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