Bachelor party in Bmore
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I'm trying to plan a bachelor party in Baltimore in Feburary. Anyone know of any good places to go?
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I asked this back in June.

Quintessential Gentleman turned out to be a blast (bring a bottle of whiskey!), but I was ultimately unimpressed with the quality of the shave and haircut.
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my go-to answer for "what can I do in X city?" - Roller Derby!
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We need more to go on. Strip club? Hiking? Fancy dinner?
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Like scotch at all? Then I'd say Birds of a Feather! would be a good stop at some point during the festivities --- probably at the beginning of the evening.

The woman who owns it is fabulous to talk to and does she know her scotch! She can tell you nearly everything there is to know about any of the scotch she has.
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What part of town would you like to be in? Like dives? Upper society type places?
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