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Where can I buy security cameras in the EU?

I am looking to buy a number of PAL security cameras. So far, my US-centric search has not turned up much. Contacting cctv camera sellers directly is met with silence, long wait times, more expensive options than NTSC cameras, and a small number of choices.

Since I don't need the cameras before I leave the USA, I figure I can buy online in the EU, and have them shipped to their final destination in Oslo, where they can patiently await my arrival.

However, I am having trouble locating online vendors based in the EU who sell these sorts of things. Does the hive mind know where I can look? Whom to contact?

For reference, I'm looking to get three IP-66 cameras (b/w preferred), two dome cameras (b/w preferred) and one color bullet or pinhole camera.
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Maybe you want to check some price comparison sites to check for Norwegian sellers? Kelkoo seems alright, (or .fr, .de, might deliver to Norway, many US sites have counterparts with European top-level domains, e.g. .no. DinPris seems to be a specific Norwegian price comparison site.
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How about Farnell? Their norway site offers mostly the same stuff as their UK site, if you want everything in english.
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1. You do know that Norway is not an EU member state, yes? Though it's a member of the European Economic Area so there may not be issues with import duties anyway.

2. This is a Norwegian site that sells CCTV cameras. Some bits of it are written in English.
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Good point Lebannen. I am aware of the non EU-ness of Norway. My thinking is that in the wider pool of the EU, there may be better prices (regardless of import taxes).

Thanks for the answers so far!
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