Totally sweet websites that will make students say "wow"?
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Totally sweet (yet school appropriate) websites?

I teach computers to grades K-8 and am looking for unique interactive websites to share with my students. I want something beyond the standard game-heavy cartoon-selling kids websites, something that will really give them an idea about the web’s vast potential. The following have been big hits. Many have been suggestions from other teachers or random Mefi links that happened to be PG. How does one find more ‘raw’ sites like these?

Coloring Book

Cool Math Games

Do I need an umbrella?

Is it Christmas?

Kaleidoscope Painter

Kinetic sketch

Make a Flake

Matisse’s Pieces

Mobile maker

Mr. Picasso Head

Orisinal Games

poisson rouge

splatter paint


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Homestar Runner! I think it's a pretty good example of how you can create many different forms of entertainment with the same characters.
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Best answer:
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I enjoy poking around the vast and varied Frederator Studios Blog. They're the people behind the Fairly Odd Parents and a LOT of other cartoons, including tons of experimental animations that never see cable television. There's a lot of individual creators' blogs and tons of insights into the creative process. Any kid who wants to be a cartoonist or creative professional will be interested. As far as I know, they keep the whole thing work-safe and pretty kid friendly, but they don't dumb anything down. It's not a one-off website, but it's a great example of a complex, productive, fascinating blog about a niche topic.

The Whitney Music Box is one of my favorite weird things to show people on the internet, plus it involves math, music, and rainbows. Variation 5 is my favorite.
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I've had a lot of fun on Fantastic Contraption and Incredibots. These are a couple great Flash-based physics games that encourage creative problem solving. Very similar to the old The Incredible Machine games.
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Orsinal. It's a games site, but very unique.
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Seconding Homestar Runner. It can get a little bit saucy sometimes, so you might want to screen for content, but I bet kids would LOVE the Trogdor Strongbad email and arcade-style game.
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Just... cool.
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This site is an absolute blast.


Most everything on the page does something if you click on it. Seems not to work well in Chrome, btw.

Warning: as they claim, it really doesn't seem to ever end. You can spend hours on this page.
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aM Laboratory Tone Matrix
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I know you don't want the kiddie games of sites like neopets or whatever, but there are some nice flash games out there that are simple and easy to understand and fun. The orisinal games, such as winterbells, really stand out here.
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As a heads-up, I'm not sure how "raw" is. I went there and it started trying to send me to "the iTunes store."
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Best answer: brainpop
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Best answer: Definitely more for K than 8, but trippy fun, Boohbah Zone, from the creators of Teletubbies.
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