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I work as a librarian and am on desk for 25 hours a week. I spend much of it on library sites but am interested in sites you find as interesting reads whatever they might be. Anything decent for the workplace. And I know interesting is subjective...I'm all ears!
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Wordnik is a surprisingly deep site that any librarian is sure to love.
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For sheer variety of current affairs interestingness, Andrew Sullivan usually doesn't disappoint.

Usually only one post a day, but Letters of Note is sure to fascinate as well.
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How about Arts & Letters Daily?
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Arts and Letters Daily frequently has links to interesting articles on a variety of topics aimed at folks with a college education.

I'm fond of international news sites. Die Spiegel, the BBC and Al Jazeera English are a few of my favourites.

No library desk jockey should go many days without skimming Snopes.

You also need something to leave up for whoever relieves you.
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Heh! Thanks for the Letters of Note nod, midatlanticwanderer. Much appreciated.

I must nominate BibliOdyssey for your perusal snap_dragon; it never fails to suck me in. Also, Strange Maps never disappoints.
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Some of the more lit-friendly links on my feed reader are:
Vintage Childrens Books My Kid Loves
The Millions
Good, and
Miss Information (from a tormented library clerk).
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Sarah Weinman's siteis not updated as much as it has been, but the links to other book-related sites are excellent and you can follow her on Twitter.
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My librarian friend reads the entire newspaper when he's working because people ask about stuff that was in it.
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Quite welcome, Usher! Love the site.

For the OP and Usher: American Memory can keep you occupied for hours, as well.
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Previously. Not specific to librarians, except for the overlap of awesome.
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New Scientist is great for science (duh) news. I find The Week helpful for getting an overview of international news.
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Ta-Nehisi Coates and Crooked Timber.
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I keep up with a lot of librarian-loved links by following some librarian lists on Twitter and clicking and reading links. Gets me from the meta straight to the content more quickly. My favorite blog-for-reading is Low Tech Magazine and partner site No Tech Magazine.
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I have a list of blog links on my own lit blog that I keep up with.
I also read Boing Boing! and on a daily basis.
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Longform links to a lot of interesting (and longish) articles.

Give Me Something to Read does the same.

Not interesting sites, but I'll recommend the Instapaper Text Bookmarklet or Readability - handy browser bookmarklets that make the website/blog you're reading more readable.
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i love maitresse
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from bookforum

You will never be without highbrow reading.
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Google News gets a visit every morning.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for your interesting posts. BTW, I also Twitter for the library and some of these sites may have some gold that can be mined. Will check back and see if any more MeFites have posted....again, Thanks!
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No one with a link to A Working Library? Really?

It also has the best design on the web.
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