Old Port for the Family
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Visiting Old Port section of Portland, ME and looking for a nice restaurant for a family with kids aged 10 & 12. Would like something nicer than a chain with burgers (though it's great if they are on the menu) and pizza, but not as high end Caiola's (pate and goat cheese won't go over well with the kids). We are hoping for a nice sit down, local beer and ambiance would be great. We are staying at the Portland Regency Hotel and would prefer something within walking distance. Oh we are definitely going to Bintliff's for breakfast on Sunday.
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Within walking distance, I'd say DiMillo's would be a good choice.
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Best answer: I feel that I would be drummed out of the family if I didn't take this opportunity to mention Bull Feeney's, an Irish pub at 375 Fore Street. (It's run by my brother-in-law.) Family connections aside, it sounds exactly like what you are looking for -- good food (including burgers, seafood, and traditional Irish dishes) as well as local beers and live music. Despite being billed as a pub it's family-friendly, with the bar downstairs and the restaurant upstairs, and it's only a couple of blocks from your hotel.

If you go, ask for Doug and tell him the West Coast Marketing Department sent you.
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Seconding Flatbread. What a great family restaurant.

Man, I'm jealous you're eating dinner in Portland tonight.
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Seconding Flatbread Pizza even though you didn't want pizza.
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Also, order the house salad with your pizzas.
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Oh my god, don't go to DiMillo's.

I guess it is too late... but for those who might find this thread later...(would love to hear where you went though, if you check back!)

Flatbread is a great choice, it is higher end pizza and a nice family atmosphere. Farmer's Table has a terrible reputation, don't go there. Bull Feeney's is a good choice for a meal. If you feel like going up the hill (Munjoy Hill) the Front Room could be nice. I think Norm's East End (the BBQ Norm's) is a very nice place for a family as well-- BBQ, sandwiches, salads.

For brunch I'd recommend going to Caiola's instead of Bintliff's. I think it's a much nicer brunch, better food, much better service, and less expensive.

In general, the Portland Food Map is a wonderful resource when you're looking for a restaurant here.
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Duck Fat! It's really great, and reasonably kid friendly.
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For posterity...

Flatbread does not survive the reheatability test that, at least for me, separates the great pizza from the simply OK pizza. In Portland there are at least three better places to get pizza:
  1. Bonobo's (in the West End) — Fancy pizza
  2. Otto's (on Congress) — New York-style, on-the-go
  3. Pizza Joint (Forrest Ave.) — For delivery
Also, Bintliffs suuucks. Especially on a Sunday. Be sure to say "hi!" to the drunks making their morning run to Rockin' Ricky's. Local 188 has a better brunch offering. And don't get me started on Caiola's, the most overrated, miserably-staffed restaurant in all of Portland.

The only recommendation I see here that I'd agree with is Bull Feeney's. It's a very "safe" call—good food & drink, kid-friendly, reliable and not outrageously-priced.
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We'll have to agree to disagree about Caiola's.

Point about Flatbread though: although I agree that the pizza at Bonobo is better, Flatbread fits most of the other criteria of the poster, which is why it's being suggested here.
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Response by poster: Updates -

First Thanks for all of your responses - I guess I wasn't clear in my post, we are going on Sat, Nov. 7th - so we haven't made it there yet. I appreciate all of the Flatbreads suggestions, but I live one town over from the Bedford, MA one . . .

Definitely interested in the non-pizza places mentioned here. Bull Feeney's DuckFat, the Front Room and Norm's. Thanks for the tips on Sunday brunch too.
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