What is the game where you put a card on your forehead?
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What is the card game where everyone puts a card on their forehead?

Everyone has a card on their head and you can see everyone else's, so you're trying to figure out your own card based upon how others are betting looking at it. Where can I find rules?
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Best answer: indian poker
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Best answer: Indian poker.
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Elements of that are used in a lot of other games, too, but mostly just for fun. When we play rummy, for example, everyone draws a card and sticks it to his or her forehead to figure out who goes first.
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Indian Chief is how we referred to it.
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I've also heard it called [racially insensitive stereotype ] Indian.
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Yeah, a lot of people call it Indian Poker or something-Indian, but believe the non-racially insensitive name is "Blind Man's Bluff".
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Does "Blind Man's Bluff" not refer to a completely different game (one player wears a blindfold, the others talk to them)? Hm, Wikipedia describes both.
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It is most definitely not Shithead.
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Best answer: I've only heard it as Blind Man's Bluff since I was a kid, and they've shown poker pros playing it during their "wacky" segments during World Series of Poker coverage. So if that's what the pros call it, then that's good enough for me. Or maybe they just didn't want to look racially insensitive on national TV.

Specifically, they were playing a hold 'em version of it, so they'd hold or stick two cards on their foreheads, and play with community cards on the table as usual, so the rules were basically the same otherwise.
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Best answer: It's also sometimes called "Idiot Poker," which takes out the racial element. I am pretty sure this is what they call is when it's done as a stunt event on WSOP.
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Shithead. Wikipedia is not definitely.
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Response by poster: great. thanks. Shithead is what kept coming up when I typed "card forehead bluff" but when reading the description, it didn't sound quite right.
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I've heard Indian Poker and Blind Man's Bluff, but in my area I've often heard Drunk Poker or Stoned Poker to refer to folks who are too inebriated to deal with multiple cards or bluffing.
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This is also sometimes done in Up and Down the River (aka Oh Hell), and of course is the major game mechanic of Celebrity Head.
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We called it Blind Pew, which would seem to be a variation on Blind Man's Bluff.
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I've always heard it called "Indian Head" amongst my group of friends.
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