Stupid mousey thing no work!
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Trackpad suddenly stopped working - any solutions?

Dual-boot: WinXP, v5.1, SP3. Ubuntu 8.10.
Acer Aspire 4730Z, out of warranty.
Trackpad stopped working in both operating systems. When this happened before, I plugged in a USB mouse, and when I removed it, the trackpad worked again. Now it's dead, as are the two left-/right-click buttons.

The curious part is that all of the trackpad - buttons and pad itself - stopped working. That doesn't grok. Can't be a driver issue, since it's across two OS's. Yeah, I'm probably screwed, but if anyone has a clue...
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I'm pretty sure you don't have the same issue , but earlier this week, the trackpad on a friend's Macbook Pro stopped working. Then the battery started bulging, which I hear is Not Good. :)
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Have you rebooted? (I know it's a stupid suggestion, but it often works in this kind of situation.)
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Best answer: Could it be that the laptop has a special key combination (Fn+F7) that turns off the trackpad? Do you still get click and motion events when you use xev in an x terminal and move the pointer over to the event-capturing window?
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The ribbon that plugs the trackpad into the motherboard could be unseated. Look under the keyboard.
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Response by poster: BLESS YOU, PontifexPrimus !!!

I'm an atheist, so I don't really know if my blessing will count for anything with the deity of your choice, but JIC - bless you!

Fn+F7! It's a fucking hardware/firmware switch, not a Windows(tm) thing.
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Response by poster: Everyone else had pretty reasonable suggestions, so a general Thank You all around!
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