Places in Maine to spend an anniversary?
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My wife and I want to go somewhere in Maine in July for our anniversary. It'd ideally be relaxing, out of the way, something that feels like... well, Maine. And lobsters! And the coast. Any tips? We're in our early 30s, if that matters.
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I like Belfast. Pretty, old seaside town that's slightly less touristy than Bar Harbor or Boothbay. But Boothbay's also quite nice. Those would be my two suggestions if you want to feel like you're in Cabot Cove.
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I suggest Monhegan Island... its definitely out of the way and relaxing.
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My wife and I stayed in Southwest Harbor for a few days last fall. It’s on Mt. Desert Isle, which can be touristy, but it’s known as “the quiet side” since it’s on the other side of Somes Sound from most of the popular areas. We stayed at The Yellow Aster, which is run by a very friendly couple who serve yummy breakfasts filled with stuff from their organic garden.

It meets all your criteria. All the lobsters you want are within walking distance, they’ll come off the boat within 100 feet of where you’ll be eating them. There’s plenty of stuff to see and do right around SW Harbor, or you can go to the other side of the island and do the park (Acadia NP) loop.

If you really want to go off the beaten path look into Isle Au Haut or Vinalhaven, both of which are true islands only accessible by mailboat or ferry.
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We were just in Stonington last week. We love it there.

It's on Deer Isle, up the coast nearly to Acadia. You can rent a house with a view and watch the lobster boats go in and out of the harbor. You can take a tour of the islands on a lobster boat. There are a bunch of nature preserves for hiking in (our favorite is Barred Island). Here's a schedule of events. The Lobster Boat Races are on July 13.
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Swans Island

It's about a 45-minute ferry ride out of Bass Harbor, and it's about as Maine as Maine gets. It's gorgeous and very peaceful.

If you want to be a little closer to some shopping and restaurants though, Belfast is a good choice. It's a rustic little town on the sea, and it's about a half hour drive to Camden, which is a tourist haven (gorgeous little harbor, but lots of tourists). Belfast would be quieter. There are also plenty of nice little B&Bs and motels along route 1 between Camden and Belfast. For great lobster, go to The Lobster Pound on Lincolnville Beach, about midway between Camden and Belfast on rte. 1. There's a ferry service there to Ilseboro, where John Travolta has a house. Right by the ferry dock is the Lobster Pound Picnic Area, where I used to work. You can sit and have a really nice meal right on the water and watch the ferry come and go. Say hi to Rick for me :)
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Belfast is a really good suggestion. Easy to get away from the town, but an awesome little town with a number of good art galleries (and 1x a month a really awesome contradance if you like that sort of thing).

I live in Portland, and I love it here. It's less Maine feeling, but it's an awesome town to spend some time in. The food here apparently rivals the food anywhere in the country, there are tons of restaurants, amazing cafes, a great, great music scene, a plethora of art galleries, beautiful architecture and nice people. Hard to beat. But it doesn't feel like Maine, in the super salty way you may be thinking of. Sadly a lot of Maine doesn't feel that way anymore, but Portland in particular.
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I came in thinking "ohhh, a Maine Question, I can help" only to find that the best answers had already been given.

Belfast is great.

Anywhere in the Mount Desert Isle area will be wonderful and you'll have a great time.

I like Camden/Rockport as well.
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The further north the better. Lobster prices skyrocket as you go south, as do motel prices, and the roads are jammed 24/7. In fact, Nova Scotia wouldn't be too far.
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Come to my home! I'm from Chebeague Island, Maine, a lovely peaceful place. Our Inn is reopening this year, with one of my friends as the chef. I assure you there is lobster. Plus, it's way closer to Portland than most out-of-the-way spots, so it's easy to get to. Check out our home page.
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I second the Lobster Pound. I grew up in Massachusetts, which means every free moment was spent in Maine. I don't eat lobster anymore, but the memories...
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I got a lot of good Maine travel advice here. We are planning another trip for September, so I will keep an eye on this thread for additional ideas.
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I second Camden - beautiful town. Not until end of August, but Windjammer Weekend is always an experience.

For lobster, I'd recommend Young's (Mitchell Avenue, Belfast) -- I never knew how delicious it could be until my wife took me to sit by the Penobscot and eat lobster and steamers with drawn butter.
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seconding Mohegan Island. My friend goes there every year to paint and thinks it's the most perfect place on earth.
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