Most romantic hotel in New York?
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What is the most romantic hotel in New York?

My girlfriend and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary in about a month and I wanted to surprise her with a night at a hotel in New York. We both live in New York, but she has mentioned before how she always wanted to stay at a nice hotel in the City. I thought booking a room for a night would be fun. What hotels would be the best for a romantic night celebrating an anniversary, especially for people who are young(ish) and actually live in the City (well, I live in Brooklyn)? I would like to keep it under $450, but all suggestions are welcome.
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The Alex is pretty swanky, and I still like the 'old' Soho Grand quite a bit. Then again, part of me finds the Library Hotel on Madison romantic in a different way. But I'm a book nerd, so your mileage may vary.

It really depends what you'd like to find outside the doors, too... something three blocks from the restaurant you'll be having dinner at is probably worth extra consideration, vs. a thirty-minute trip each way.

You should definitely visit your preferred hotel(s) in advance, ask to see a room, and generally get a feel for whether the place is right for you. Customer service is everything.
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I've always been interested in the history of The Algonquin, but I'm not sure if a room can be had for $450. I've not stayed there; as a former NYC resident, I've only once needed a hotel room there, and the Algonquin was on the wrong end of town.

The Algonquin Cat
Round Table
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You can get a room at the Algonquin for about $350, depending on the night.
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May I suggest the Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson? It has a few benefits to one in NYC itself: a great view, easy to get to (just outside the Exchange Place PATH station), an excellent restaurant. If you can arrange it, you might want to try to get your girlfriend's clothes for the next day, and any sleepwear she may want, there early, then go for dinner in Manhattan, and follow it up with the trip over. (Yes, I know the PATH is not quite a romantic paradise travel route.)
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The Standard and the Mercer are both super nice.
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I just checked the hotel websites: the Standard has rooms starting at $320 but the Mercer's rooms start at $495...
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Do you want elegant and historic or hip and boutique-y?
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Seconding The Library. Building and views are really pretty, too. Spending a sexy night there would be a nerd dream come true. And really, if you're asking MetaFilter about where to take a date, aren't you already waving the nerd flag rather vigorously?
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Response by poster: CunningLinguist, she is generally more interested in the elegant and historic, although very specific boutiques like The Library (as opposed to something a more "generic" boutique like the W or Hotel Rivington) would also fit the bill. Thanks for the replies so far, they have been really helpful.
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also, perhaps go to the Chelsea Hotel if you need a pretense for a certain act...
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I'm partial to The Carlyle but rooms seem to start around $625.... Great idea, btw.
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Can't think of anything under that amount but the Plaza Athenee may have a regular room for that amount. Or try The Mark a few blocks up on 77th. Two of the best hotels in NY.
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Well, then I would recommend the Waldorf, or the Essex House. The St. Regis is super gorgeous - and you get, no lie, a personal butler.
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Okay, never mind the St. Regis. I just looked at the prices. Yowza. (I stayed there for work once and never saw the bill. Good thing too.)
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As an NYC resident I don't stay in many hotels here, but I used to before I lived here. I don't think the city's long on romantic hotels a la Paris... The Mandarin Oriental has the best views of the park, but I don't think is in your price range.

Bryant Park hotel is nice and a bit more intimate than most. Googling it, apparently Citysearch claim it's the most romantic hotel in NYC, I can attest to it being nice, so maybe there?

Further south, the Maritime in Chelsea just got redone and is handy if you fancy a bit of MePa action... You can also book a room in Soho House in that part of town?

Soho? I'd say Mercer all the way. And Tribeca has the Greenwich Hotel, which is also very nice...
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I got to stay at the Library Hotel for work last year, and although it was decent I can't say that I found it particularly fancy or romantic (granted, I was by myself). I was on the 3rd floor at the corner of Madison Ave so it was quite noisy, and the room wasn't what I'd expect for $300. If you do stay there, try and book a room on the Romance/Eros floor (not sure what the Dewey Decimal # is for that) as it's probably more you-know-what, and further from street noise.
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The Pierre (at the southeast corner of Central Park) is super-romantic, but I imagine that its prices are astronomical.

Know anyone who's a member of the Harvard, Yale, or University Clubs? They aren't hotels per se (members and their guests can stay), but they are definitely elegant and historic, and should be within your price range if you can find someone to make the reservation for you.
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Response by poster: ocherdraco, I never thought of that, but I do know at least two members (actually, daughters of members) of the Harvard Club. I will look into that.
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The Carlyle! Even if you stay somewhere else, you could always take her out for drinks at Bemelmans and their Sunday brunch.
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Me and my fiance liked dreamNY when we stayed there. Was $200 something dollars a night , had a great roof top bar with a view of Times square and only like 4 or 5 blocks from central park. (maybe less). Also if you pick the right deal from there website you can get a free breakfast at there very expensive restaurant that arod recently ate at lol.
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Harvard Club has a great bar and restaurant, but the rooms are nothing special, FYI.
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Not all of the rooms at the Algonquin have bathtubs. So far, my favorite luxury NY hotels are the St. Regis, Mandarin Oriental and Peninsula. The Waldorf was ok, but its rooms are about the same as a Hilton's. I was at the Essex House when the murder happened and don't want to go back.
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We loved The Bowery.
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