Please help me plan something fun & romantic & gay (in both senses of the word) in NYC this Saturday.
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Please help me plan something fun & romantic & gay (in both senses of the word) in NYC this Saturday.

(Posting anonymously because my significant other reads MeFi on occasion and knows my username, and I want to avoid spoiling the surprise.)

My SO and I are celebrating our five-year anniversary this Saturday. I have been thinking of a couple of different thing that we could do to celebrate, but also wanted to ask MeFi for ideas - because you guys always come up with some great ones. Ideally, I'd love to find some great romantic thing we could do beyond the stereotypical "riding in a hansom cab through Central Park." I am open to any kind of suggestions - a great restaurant that you went to, a great show you saw recently, a couples' massage you can recommend - really, the broader the variety, the better. A couple of background points to the extent it helps focus the suggestions: we are two guys in our early 30s, moved to New York just recently and are still exploring the area, and don't have a car (so ideally, we'd stick to something in Manhattan). I was able to set aside some money for this, given that five years is kind of a big deal, so I don't have a strict $ cut-off.

Thanks in advance, everyone!
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Since you're new-ish to NYC, I'd recommend doing a bunch of things over the course of the day.

I'd definitely do some high/low stuff- massages in Chinatown, a ride on the Staten Island ferry(you can drink on it! nothing better than sharing a good bottle of wine and cheese and crackers while watching the sun set over Manhattan!) , elaborate cocktails at Angels Share (or other good cocktail bar), really good dinner. (might have to go either really early, or really late since it's in 2 days, and ideal dinner reservation times are going to be all blocked up at the nicer places).

For drinks I recommend:
Angel's share for cocktails
or maybe a good cocktail at Minnetta Tavern (food here pretty damn good too)

for chinatown massages: this should help you find something

I highly recommend something really cheesy- after dinner and drinks go to the top of the empire state building around midnight so you don't have to wait on line (it's open until 1am). It really is a pretty view.
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Picnic or evening stroll on the High Line.
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I happen to think that ice skating as a couple is pretty damn adorable, and I do believe the rink at Rockefeller center is open now. Go to the top of the rock, too, while you're there! Much better than the empire state building, in my opinion.
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