quiet beachy birthday romance
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Awesome, romantic getaway in proximity to nyc? Secluded, autumn beach spot preferred...

So, I'm looking to take my man on a sweet trip outside of the city for his birthday this weekend. I can rent a car, or we can take a train then rent a car. I was thinking Montauk, which remains a possibility, but would prefer something a little more unexpected if I can figure it out.

Does anyone have any specific suggestions in terms of towns, transport, lodging, and things to do when we're not taking long walks on the beach..?

Thanks in advance!!
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Sounds like Cape May in NJ. You can drive, or I think there are buses and trains.

Also, this is not a beach, but you may want to check out Mohonk
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Second for Cape May, there's a lot of great Bed and Breakfasts there and the Victorian architecture is beautiful.
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If the water on your beach doesn't have to be ocean, I'd head up to the Adirondacks, particularly around Raquette Lake.
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The sunken forest & associated beach on fire island is pretty neat...maybe a little cold this time of year no? Wherever you intent to do that rmanticwalk on the beach in the northeast, bring a sturdy sweater.
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Response by poster: Is Cape May crowded? Would prefer to avoid the B&Bs in favor of something more quiet/private. I'd love to find some shabby chic little cottage...near some gorgeous walking/hiking, and ideally a funky little town. Beach should be semi-secluded.

I've seen tons of one-off reviews of the various motels in Montauk but no clear picture is emerging for me since I've never been, much less in November...If someone could make a personal reco, that'd be great too! Thanks guys!
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