Romantic (lacto-)vegetarian-friendly places in Manhattan on the UES?
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I'm trying to book dinner reservations on Valentine's Day in Manhattan, as the really nice places are filling up fast. Suggestions for romantic (lacto-)vegetarian-friendly places on the UES? Budget of ~$100 per person, pre-tip. A restaurant with lots of mixed drink and cocktail options would be preferable.

So far I've found this and this question, but I'm looking for places that are not hardcore vegan (milk products open up a great many options!), and a place somewhere uptown and probably a bit fancier.

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Best answer: This was one of the contenders for the NYC pre-Valentine's Day meetup, but how does a dessert cafe with some food work for you? Check out Kyotofu. Vegetarian friendly, AND it's got a shochu and sake and a variety of cocktails made from both (in fact, they're doing a sake/dessert pairing especially for V-Day). All in a cute cafe/bar setting. It's open late too, but it kind of gets busy later in the evening so definitely call for those reservations.
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Best answer: Candle Cafe is one of my favorite places in the UES. The food's delicious and it's got a nice, romantic atmosphere. While there does seem to be a lack of dairy, I don't think it's what one expects from "hardcore vegan." Meals here can be as decadent as you want them to be. They know vegetables and they know exactly what to do with them, unlike restaurants whose "vegetarian options" are nothing more than pasta with mushrooms and cheese.

If nothing else, go there for the crazy desserts.
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(From my link, you'll see that I meant Candle 79.)
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