Where are the best vegan snacks in NYC?
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I'm in NYC, my friend's several states away. I'm sending her a package and want to include some vegan snacks. What might I find in the city that is tasty and will travel well?

I searched the archives, but it was mostly dining inquiries. If there's another thread haunting the vault, let me know.
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I am not entirely sure if they are all the way vegan but the bare naked granola is pretty tough to get in illinois.

and it rocks.
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I've been really loving the dried mangosteen at Trader Joe's.
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Tofurky Jerky is very good, and I'm not even vegan (my brother is). Can be bought online or often at Whole Foods/natural markets.
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Aside to krautland: where have you been shopping? I see that granola at the White Hen, even. My old corner store had it. I can't get away from it.

(for the record, the White Hen on Van Buren and Peoria; and the "Farmer's Pride" on Chicago and Western. Not to mention Whole Foods.)
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I know some vegans that are strangely obsessed with Tartex. Can you get that in NYC?
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And to answer the poster, I don't have NYC-specific ideas, but some general ideas:

I've been seeing those sesame-seed/honey bars at random convenience-store check-outs. Those are about the only two ingredients, and they're tasty. I've seen quinoa varieties, too, but haven't tasted them.

Lara bars are classic.

Is there a local restaurant/bakery that she loves, or makes incredible vegan treats? I imagine cookies or brownies would do fine in a box for a couple of days, if carefully wrapped.
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Smart Treats

I'm not vegan/vegetarian, and I hate snacks that "taste healthy", if'n you know what I mean, but these are actually quite good. I share them with people who are inevitably astounded when I tell them it's vegan.
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I'm addicted to Veggie Booty, part of the Robert's American Gourmet family. They have a listing of all their vegan snacks here.

I also second the Lara bar recommendations. Cashew Cookie is my favorite flavor.
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Response by poster: I'll be looking around the city this weekend for the stuff suggested. She's never been to NYC, so she doesn't have any favourites, and most of the things I really love are off-limits to her. I can find out if various bakeries and such have alternate-ingredient versions, though.

I've been seeing those sesame-seed/honey bars at random convenience-store check-outs.

Honey ain't vegan, but I may check it out for myself. ;-)
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Honey ain't vegan...

Yeah, I forget. Even when not eating dairy, eggs, or meat, I'm a very lazy vegan.

Another suggestion that may be more on the raw-foodie side, but things like goji berries and almond butter are delightful and, at least to me, a little more expensive than I ever can justify buying for myself (like $10-$15 a package/jar for each). Could make a nice present.
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SnaPea Crisps. original flavor. I'm in Chapel Hill, but they have them at Whole Foods here. Totally junk food, I think, even if they are made from actual peas.
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You can find some really fancy licorice in NYC. There's also so many different Japanese snack products in just about any bodega. Does she like spicy? Then she will soon be addicted to Wasabi Peas!
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General Stonewall's Veggie Jerky! Excellent, tasty and available in most bodegas of the yuppie/"upscale" variety. It will be the yellow, square package about 3 inches on a side.
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ruby.aftermath: thankyouthankyouthankyou, seriously. my white hen and my supermarkets only have the plain stuff. I thought I'd have to import it...
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Dude. Chinatown. Weird vacuum packed "meats" from seitan, gluten, etc. I love the veggie pork floss, too.... very nice on biscuits.
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krautland: I was one block off on that White Hen, it's Van Buren and Green.
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whole earth has lots of vegan baked goods. very delicious.
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