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I am one half of a lesbian couple with small children thinking of moving out of Baltimore and out to the suburbs. So far Timonium looks like the best bet. Will we be welcome there?

We have located some neighborhoods in Lutherville-Timonium that meet our requirements of nice yards and great public schools, but are unsure about the political climate. We don't need for there to be tons (or even any) other non-traditional families in the immediate area, we just need people to be generally accepting and friendly. I know people in the suburbs tend to be more conservative than in the city, but are they so conservative that they're likely to be hostile to us living next door? Or to not want to babysit? Or to not let their kids come over for dinner? Or to stare rudely as we walk around the block? I'm sure there are some problem individuals anywhere we might go, but we're looking for a decent general climate.

Any insights welcome!
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Hey, I'm one half of such a couple as well. We are just outside of Baltimore. There are very few non traditional families in our area as well. However, we just don't make a big deal of it and we interact with our neighbors just fine. I'm sure most of them have figured out by now that we are not just roomies. However, those who really cannot handle it can believe what they like. *shrug* Really, I think we have it better than the guys as far as social acceptance.
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I can't speak to Lutherville or Timonium directly, but in my neighborhood in Towson, I don't think any of the possible problems you've outlined would exist. My neighbors are a pretty tolerant and accepting group. I'd expect a similar reaction from people in Lutherville and Timonium.

I do know two women who used to be a couple and who lived together for nearly 10 years in Timonium, and they did not have any problems whatsoever with their neighbors. They do not have kids, though.

I feel compelled to add the caveat that every single-sex couple with kids that I know in the area lives in the city (where I work, go to church and otherwise spend a lot of my time), but in each case I am certain that is not because of any fear of, or nasty incidents that have taken plan in, the suburbs.

Good luck with your move!
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Have you considered Takoma Park? Really more of a DC suburb, but not too far afoot.
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