Bayeux Tapestry Resources
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I am looking for either books or online resources for Bayeux Tapestry - - style illustrations (or any other book/site that depicts depict medieval life.) So far, the illustrations on the web are of relatively small size or poor quality.
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ArtServe (a great resource) has several pages of Bayeux with nice, (comparitively) big .jpgs, including some details.
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Alas, I am slaving away at mundane work, away from my dorkified collection of art history texts. However, an Amazon Search for Bayeux Tapestry brings up more hits than you might think. Also, if you are in or near a university town with any kind of decent art history/medieval history department their bookstores (off campus) probably have used texts with what you want.
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How about these thumbnails each of which is linked to a 160K jpeg image?
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Or this site. Very good quality but *warning* takes a while to load.
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