How can I get from Brooklyn to JFK airport with two pairs of skis?
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getting to the airport with skis. i need to go to JFK from my apt in brooklyn with skis. 2 pairs actually, in a hard case. its big. how do i get one of those minivan cabs or something?
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i'd call car services around your area and see if they have one of those minivans. most of them, as you probably know, only have those Lincoln Towncars.
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(sorry for the pic - couldn't resist)
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I think most taxi companies will send a van if you request it. Or you could try calling your airline's customer service at JFK and see what they recommend - or call American Airlines at JFK. AA flies to a lot of seasonal ski resorts and are usually pretty good about giving information about this type of thing. Even if you're on another airline, there's no reason they have to know that. You could also look into one of those SuperShuttles, which are a bit slower but also cheaper.
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Book a shuttle service (see yellow pages). Tell them you have skis. It may take longer but will be cheaper, and they will have mini- and notsomini-vans.
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Try Super Shuttle - they say Manhattan, but call them up anyway.
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Call 666-6666 or 777-7777. Those are both the car services I used to use in NYC. They had station wagons.
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