Finding new web exhibitions
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Where on the internet are the best places to get information about new web exhibitions from the repositories of the world?

I'm partial to eclectic book illustrations myself and that interest crosses over the art, science and literature genres and includes museums, galleries and of course libraries.

No single site is likely to be out there so I'm looking for suggestions ranging from those weblogs that might concentrate on the big Universities to newspaper sections, local or state portals and most particularly, specialty weblogs.

By way of example I visit, subscribe to or have emails sent from such places as the 24hr Museum (UK), Resource Shelf, Scout Report, plep (of course!) among others. I subscribe to some delicious, googlenews and technorati word search feeds. I know about other things such as google.print, the European Library, Warburg Institute and the Smithsonian and Uni of Idaho link lists.

I realize all of this gives me a reasonable handle on things but I want to know most specifically which repository in the world has got a new: online rare book, history, art or science exhibition or updated digital site, without having to visit 3,972,003 websites each week or the like.

What I often find is that there are a lot of sites talking about the politics and mechanics of digitization and precious few who concentrate on announcing what is actually available to us all. And I figure that this type of thing is close to the hearts of many members as a lot of this sort of data ultimately filters through to MeFi.

The bonus round contenders will provide direct links to esoteric, unusual or less known digital collection sections in the African, Asian and eastern European arenas.
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