On Beyond Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers
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Give me yer best virgin cocktails—bonus points for ones easily ordered in a bar.

A friend of mine had knee surgery and is bummed out not only because she's less mobile, but also because the painkillers are impinging upon her social life. Now that she's up and moving around more, I want to take her out, but since she's not supposed to drink alcohol, we're going to try all manner of virgin cocktails. Give us creative things to order!
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Whenever I find myself at a bar but not drinking alcohol, I usually order soda water with several dashes of bitters (Angostura or otherwise), a cherry, and a lime wedge. I don't know of any name for this concoction, but it's tasty, cheap, and soothes an aching stomach if you leave out the fruit.
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Seconding the bitters 'n' soda. Fantastic way to hang out in a bar with friends and/or nurse a hangover without looking like you're just there to give someone a ride home.
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Thirding the bitters and soda. Plus it's great for nausea.
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Best answer: solipsophistocracy: in NZ we have "lemon, lime and bitters" which is lemonade, a shot of lime juice, and some bitters. It's a standard thing to ask for, so much so that it's available pre-mixed. It's a pretty good booze-free sub for a g & t in a pinch.

I used to know someone who would order lemon, lime and bitters as every 2nd drink. When she started slurring "lllllemonalimabiddaz" it was her personal signal to go home.
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Bitters and soda, bitters and tonic, and the Aussie classic of lemon, lime and bitters.

Also, splash of lime cordial on the rocks, top with ginger ale, stir.
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("Lemonade" here means the lemon-flavoured aerated drink, not the stuff you make at home from actual lemons).
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Seltzer + juice of your choosing over ice with a twist. (Citrus or pineapple works best)
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Bitters does have alcohol. Not a lot, but still.

I usually get tonic water and lime or just soda. Club soda/juice mixes are pretty good, but I'm not a fan of mixes of different juice.
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A tasty drink I used to make for a non-drinking date was cranberry juice cocktail, half a fresh squeezed lime, soda, crushed ice, in margarita glass rimmed lightly with sugar, garnished with a lime round and, optionally, mint leaves. It was a fun drink for her at home - to look at, to hold, and to taste. Might be a little special order at a bar (bat those lashes). The tartness makes it a sipper rather than a gulper, which makes it last a bit longer than just sweet juice. With this or other virgin drinks, the key to making them fun is probably color, garnish, and a fancy glass of some kind.
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I usually get a club soda with lime, but I'm also partial to a spicy virgin mary if I want substance.
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1/2 ginger ale, 1/2 orange juice. Unbelievably tasty. No name for it.
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Best answer: The Shirley Temple is pretty yummy, and an old standard. 1/2 oj, 1/2 sprite (or whatever), dash grenadine. Shake and serve. I also like the Pink Panther - 1/2 lemonade (or bar lime), 1/2 sprite and grenadine. Virgin Marys (or Virgin Caesars) are especially great because you can't really taste the difference without the booze. The key is a fancy glass and a nice garnish. This makes your non-alcoholic drink feel much more fun.
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Whoops--just saw your title. But honest, the Shirley Temple really is yummy if made correctly. It's also good if you substitute pineapple for the oj.
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You don't shake a Shirley Temple. You don't generally shake anything that's carbonated.
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Response by poster: Lots of great suggestions. We'll try a few, and I'll mark as best answer the ones we like best! (Lemon lime and bitters sounds delightful. I may very well make one of those for myself tonight.)
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I always ask for club soda with a splash of Rose's Lime Juice.
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Seconding a Virgin Mary- with all of the condiments (peppers, olives, pickles, lime wedges, celery, celery salt) it's more like a meal than a drink! Bonus: Vitamin C.

My mouth is watering right now, thinking about having one.
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A really good Shirley Temple is definitely shaken--but juice and grenadine only, then topped with sprite. Sorry about that! Worst drink making directions ever.
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I always really enjoy just cranberry juice and orange juice.
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I once had someone comment on my bravery for ordering an Arnold Palmer at lunch on a work day. He was disappointed when I informed him that it was just iced tea and lemonade.
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Response by poster: You know, I'd never had a Shirley Temple with OJ before. It was delightful. And lemon, lime and bitters will, I imagine, becom part of my permanent repertoire.
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