What is the best list of Science Fiction books?
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Show me the Best Online Science Fiction book list... Not a title, but a list!

Since I have limited time, I like to read the "best" of whats out there in a genre, I so far have read these recently in Sci Fi:
Slaughterhouse, Snow Crash, 1984, Neuromancer, Ender's, Dune,
2001, Foundation, Stranger, Do Androids, Clockwork, etc. (these may or may not be the best in your opinion)

Now I'd like metafilter to do what it's designed for, create a list of lists! I really want to know where I should go to find the list of the top sci fi books of all time, the last 100 years, the list of the most awarded, whatever. Please don't give me what you think is the top book, there are plenty of threads regarding this, I want a "true" metafilter a "list of lists" the list of top sci fi books lists. Then I can use those to make my selections. Also if you have a reason why this list is the best list to use, that would be appreciated.
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SF Masterworks
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SF Masterworks
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Response by poster: I like the joint winners list! It's the best of 2 lists! Anything with the best of 3? best of 4? I like the top 100 list, but I read the site, and it's difficult to get the author's rationale. I am looking for a list with detailed criteria or rationale.
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Response by poster: Holy hell, I just stumbled on this:

A list of books ranked by the number of awards received, thus a list of books ranked high through other lists.

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Overbooked for many awards lists and starred review lists in several genres.
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Here's a list of the winners of the James Tiptree, Jr. Award, which goes to SF books about gender. Sure, it's a niche -- but it's a good niche.
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