Help me find the title to this novel?
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A novel about a computer that attempts to create art? Help me identify this sci-fi book.

I'm a librarian, but sci-fi is not my genre... and this one has stumped me. A patron needs to know the name of a story/novel that he read as a kid. The novel involved a computer that became self-aware - after the earth was no longer inhabited by humans. He attempts to creat a work of art, and only comes up with a cube. So then he copies another work of art from his database - an old lady? And he finally leaves in frustration, without noticing that he has created a statue of an old lady crying over the cube... which, in itself, the author argues, is a work of art.

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In William Gibson's Count Zero, a computer (well, an AI) creates art in the form of Joseph Cornell style boxes. I haven't read any of the books - Neuromancer and Mona Lisa Overdrive are the other two in the series - in years. Anyway, I seem to remember that at the very end of one of them, a girl confronts the AI and they talk about art. This doesn't sound exactly like what your patron is looking for but perhaps it's close enough that his memory might have garbled it? FWIW, I could have sworn that the whole AI art thing was part of Mona Lisa Overdrive but Wikipedia says Count Zero.
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Best answer: I think it's Roger Zelazny's, "For a Breath I Tarry," though the details are a bit wrong. The cube was a self-portrait, and the old woman was a different statue.
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Response by poster: That's it, tyllwin. I showed him the text and he agreed that was the story. Thanks!
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I read it, too. Quite interesting.
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